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Royal Family News: Paul McCartney Spills Secret Crush on Queen Elizabeth

British royal family news shows that Sir Paul McCartney has been telling tales, and one of them is a delightful one about his childhood crush. Would you believe it was on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth? The former Beatle says he was smitten with the monarch as a lad, and we have all the details about this sweet tale here. Keep reading to find out what the musician extraordinaire had to say about his country’s longest reigning monarch.

Royal Family News: Paul McCartney Dishes About His Crush

“She was a pretty woman, a bit like a Hollywood movie star,” McCartney recalls. “I think part of the secret to her popularity, at least for my generation, was that she was quite a babe… In our boyish ways, we liked her quite a bit.”

The iconic Beatles guitarist and singer-songwriter also recalls playing a song with the band for the queen. Did she like it? He couldn’t tell!

He says that they couldn’t quite figure out what she thought of it, based on her reaction. “She didn’t have much to say about it. Yeah, I don’t know how to say it, but she just didn’t say much.”

Royal Family News: The Queen Was Entertained by Paul McCartney

In 1965 the Beatles were honored by the Queen at Buckingham Palace and much more recently he had a private audience with her. In 1997 she knighted McCartney, giving him the title Sir.

These days the queen has been ailing and the populace is quite concerned. It emerged that last week she was hospitalized overnight and when word leaked the palace confirmed it, albeit after the fact.

This lapse was seen by many royal watches as a great affront. On the one hand the queen is a living symbol of the country, but on the other she has a right to medical privacy, so it was a tricky call.

Royal Family News: Is The Queen All Right?

Concern has been growing since the announcement of her overnight hospital stay which took place last week. Since then it has been disclosed that her doctors have advised her to not undertake public duties for two weeks. Since it has not been disclosed what is ailing the queen, her fans are understandably worried. She will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years on the throne, next year.

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