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General Hospital Spoilers: Gladys Corbin Declares War On Brook Lynn

General Hospital: Gladys Corbin (Bonnie BurroughsGeneral Hospital spoilers tease that Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) is itching to tell her secret to Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) in this week’s General Hospital Sneak Peek!

General Hospital Spoilers – Gladys Corbin Recorded Brook Lynn Quartermaine Talking To Maxie Jones

General Hospital recaps and spoilers show that Gladys had recorded Brook Lynn’s conversation with Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) while they were having a business meeting at a restaurant in a recent episode of General Hospital. Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) had also been there but was away from the table as well as Gladys, but she’d left her cell phone recording.

Once Gladys got back to her office and started listening to the business meeting to type up the notes, she discovered a juicy secret – Bailey Lois Quartermaine (Harper and Scarlett Bloom) wasn’t Valentin Cassadine’s (James Patrick Stuart)! Of course, Gladys didn’t know the whole story – Bailey is actually Maxie’s baby with Peter August (Wes Ramsey) who she is hiding in plain sight for her own protection. Gladys only knows Valentin isn’t the baby’s father, she doesn’t know that Brook Lynn is not really her mother!

GH Spoilers – Gladys Corbin Gave A Huge Teddy Bear To Valentin Cassadine

General Hospital viewers will recall that Gladys gave a huge teddy bear to Valentin in the intensive care unit after a tip from Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth) as to where he was being treated. Valentin would just as soon have not been a captive audience and more than likely the huge teddy bear will go in his daughter’s room whether Gladys likes it or not, she specifically said not to give it to “the rugrats”! After running into Austin and Maxie talking in the halls of General Hospital, Brook Lynn realizes that Gladys has gone to Valentin’s room!

The General Hospital sneak peek picks up after Brook Lynn hunts down Gladys and catches up to her, knowing that Gladys knows at least part of the secret about Bailey. Gladys, being her usual dramatic self, tells Brook Lynn that Valentin is having surgery, and he should know the truth about Bailey before he dies!

General Hospital Spoilers – Gladys Corbin And Brook Lynn Quartermaine Continue To Bicker

General Hospital spoilers this week hint Gladys and Brook Lynn continue to bicker, with Brook Lynn is going off on Gladys for her drama! Brook Lynn, frustrated, tells Gladys to dial back the drama, because no one is dying! Gladys looks stern, and retorts that she’s not the one trying to pass off someone else’s kid as Valentin’s! She then calls Brook Lynn a trollop and that is her!

Brook Lynn admits it – she says yes, but asks Gladys if she has really thought out this plan of hers? General Hospital viewers will recall that Gladys called her on her lies after Brook Lynn called Gladys on her online shopping using the Deception Cosmetics corporate card and charging it to her!

GH Spoilers – Brook Lynn Threatens Gladys Corbin And Gladys Corbin Counterthreatens Her

Brook Lynn continues, reminding Gladys that if she tells Valentin the truth, then her blackmail of Brook Lynn is over! She tells her that not only does her meal ticket go away, so does her job! Brook Lynn tells Gladys if she doesn’t keep the secret, then she won’t have leverage on her. Gladys argues, asking what does that mean if Maxie and Sasha are going to question every move she makes anyway?

According to GH spoilers, Gladys tells Brook Lynn they made her go back to work after she had told her she was taking a mental health day, and tells her that it’s really on her – if she doesn’t get her friends on board, she’ll tell Valentin everything!

Stay tuned to General Hospital, and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates, and developments!

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