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Royal Family News: Prince Charles And Camilla Issue A JOKE Christmas Card

Prince Charles And CamillaBritish royal family news reveals that Prince Charles just released his 2021 Christmas card and people are not impressed. Perhaps it was a faux pas, maybe the real, intended pic got lost in the shuffle?

The picture in question shows Prince Charles and his wife Camilla dressed to the nines, all masked up, with the former helping the latter either remove or adjust her mask—ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas everybody!

Royal Family News – What Was Charles Thinking?

To be fair, some have suggested that the card is a mild PSA given the fact that the UK is freaking out all over again over Omicron. Ever the dutiful public servant, has Prince Charles sacrificed his jolly-ality in order to warn the citizens to be careful this Christmas? We would not put it past Charles to double dip with his Christmas cheer, on the one hand saying be merry, but too merry.

Whatever the reason for the odd photograph, royals seem to be divided over the holiday card that was released via social media. The pic’s caption reads, “Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year.”

One social media user took the future king to task: “How is it appropriate to show someone sticking their dirty hands into the front of someone else’s mask? Surely this is irresponsible whilst in a pandemic?” Good point.

Royal Family News -Is Charles’ Greeting Appropriate?

Someone else wrote, “Is this a joke?” while one poster asked, “What on earth is going on here??”

Meanwhile, the couple’s Twitter account gushed, “As the countdown to Christmas begins, today we’re sharing this year’s official Christmas card from The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.”

The message elicited this response: “That’s your best photo of the year?? Slightly bizarre you would choose that as a Christmas photo seen by the world?”

Royal Family News – Ho, Ho, Ho From Prince Charles

One fan tweeted support for the card writing, “Yes, it’s a very weird, unprecedented and unusual choice for Christmas card. But, why not? After all we’re living in a very weird time and place right now, aren’t we? This photograph speaks for itself.”

Someone else defended the goofy card thusly: “It shows the funny, loving, caring, and human sides of them. It reflects what has been going on this year. It perhaps represents the acts of kindness we all have seen through this recent difficulties. We can all relate to this.”

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