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Royal Family News: Prince Charles And Princess Diana’s Split Got Nasty

Royal Family News: Prince Charles And Princess Diana's Separation Got Nasty, Burned Clothes And A BonfireBritish royal family news shows that a new book by James Patterson, Diana, William and Harry, sheds an incredible light on the behind the scenes dynamic between two of the most talked about royals.
Excerpts from the book show how the marriage between Prince Charles, heir to the throne, and the late Diana, imploded. Here are some startling details direct from the book.

Royal Family News – Diana And Charles Divorced

According to Patterson, Charles approached Diana on November 25, at Kensington Palace, with the express purpose of asking for a separation. Diana allegedly agreed and subsequently changed the locks and got a new phone number. Charles’s house staff acted quickly, transferring his belongings to the prince’s new London address, St. James’s Palace.

It was a far cry from the cozy picture of Princess Diana and Prince Charles on their wedding day in 1981. A mere 11 years later they were separated and their divorce became final in 1996.

Royal Family News – Prince Charles Acted Swiftly

Ironically, it took, “a convoy of moving vans to collect Diana’s belongings from Highgrove, but there is much she’s happy to leave behind. It’s especially easy to part with the king-size bed made “to last a lifetime,” a wedding gift from a West Midlands firm.”

“The most valuable of their more than ten thousand wedding gifts, worth more than $15 million altogether—including hundreds of uncut diamonds from the king of Saudi Arabia— will be stored at Windsor Castle. A different fate awaits the lesser but unwanted reminders of married life.”

Then, wait for it—“In the gardens at Highgrove, a bonfire is lit.”

And Diana apparently took advantage of that moment to burn Charles’s clothing: “She’s always hated the “fuddy-duddy” way he dresses.”

Royal Family News – Diana And Charles’ Marital Details

The author adds that, “At 3:30 p.m. on December 9, the prime minister stands before the House of Commons. His words add smoke to the fire. It is announced from Buckingham Palace that, with regret, the Prince and Princess of Wales have decided to separate. The Royal Highnesses have no plans to divorce, and their constitutional positions are unaffected.”

And with that Camilla became a target. She had this to say about the man who would become her second husband, and his wife who accused her of being a home wrecker: “If something has gone wrong, I’m very sorry for them. But I know nothing more than the average person on the street. I only know what I see on television.”

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