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Royal Family News: Prince Edward And Sophie Wessex Have Already Replaced The Sussexes

Prince Edward And Sophie WessexBritish royal family news reveals that the door may be closed shut tight on a return to the fold by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle but there are replacements waiting in the wings.

Talk is that Prince Edward and his wife Sophie are ready to fill the breach left when the Markle’s fled to the US for the sunny celeb life.

Royal Family News – Who Will Take Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Place At The Table?

According to one royal watcher, the older couple could have their eye on the plum VIP spot which was once held by the California couple who are now living their best life in California.

Royal expert Penny Junor told that the Wessexes have been actively stepping up to the plate in recent years and as a result their popularity rating is rising.

“There’s a lot of work involved with charities and there are thousands of charities and thousands that the Royal Family are patrons of,” she said.

Royal Family News – One Expert Sees The Star Of Sophie And Edward Rising

It probably doesn’t hurt their reputation one bit that Sophie is often said to be the queen’s favorite daughter in law. At any rate she is alone in the category of being the only wife Edward has taken, while both Charles and Andrew had acrimonious and highly visible divorces.

According to Junor, “So inevitably losing Harry and Meghan means that the work needs to be shared a bit. We do have some very competent members of the Royal Family who have not always been quite at the forefront.”

Royal Family News – Meghan And Harry Are Living Their Best Lives In the US

She continued, “And I would say the Wessexes will certainly fall into that category. Edward and Sophie have been quietly doing good things in the background and now because there is a vacuum where Harry and Meghan once were.” She is spot on–that giant whooshing sound is the noise of the Markle’s constantly trash talking the royal family.

Last month the thirsty pair had the audacity to give Oprah Winfrey a tell-all in which they dragged his family down the street while Prince Philip, who was buried yesterday, was in the hospital.

“I think the press are taking more interest in what they are doing and Sophie is appearing more in the newspapers where perhaps it would have been Meghan before,” concluded Junor.

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  1. Jezz says

    If Sophie and Edward can support the Queen after the loss of her husband that's wonderful. They seem sensible and mature. The thing is whoever the Queen favours has to be sensible enough and prepared for their status to change when the next monarch takes her place. The monarchs favourites and allocation of duties and style of running the kingdom could be different. People say the spares are treated badly but perhaps sometimes their situation serving the Queen has them forgetting who is next in line. I don't think that will be the case with Edward and Sophie which makes them a good choice to support the Queen.

  2. Guest says

    Anything is better than the Markle's representing you.

  3. DJ Brown says

    Bahahhaha that’s hilarious!

  4. Guest says

    Harry will find out who family is ? He has to learn not to bad mouth his family.

  5. Guest says

    Thank goodness!!

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