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Royal Family News: Prince William And Prince Harry Friends Again, Meghan Markle Stunned

Royal Family News: Prince William And Prince Harry Friends Again, Meghan Markle StunnedBritish royal family news reveals that today was a historic day for the royal family on several counts. The family gathered for the solemn occasion of burying their patriarch and leader Prince Philip who died at age 99 at Windsor Castle with his wife of 73 years, Queen Elizabeth, at his side.

He was the longest serving consort in history and at age 94 she is the longest serving monarch. But it was also a day when the world’s eyes were on the family for a different reason: the couple’s juvenile and destructive grandson Prince Harry.

Just weeks ago, while Philip was still ill in the hospital, Harry and his ex-princess bride Meghan Markle pressed on with a salacious, trash-talking interview with Oprah Winfrey. They each flung copious amounts of mud at his family, for two and a half hours, and afterward demanded that the royals apologize to them.

Royal Family News: Are Prince William and Prince Harry Friends Again?

Today was the first time Harry showed his face to his family in person since he abandoned them a year ago in a shameless move termed Megxit. His exit was all about money, his quest for “financial freedom” and furthermore he complained to Oprah that he had to kick his family to the curb, and call them names on tv, because his daddy cut him off financially.

This shallow man-child, 30-something, married with one child and another on the way, has been slammed as the “poster boy for white privilege” and it’s hard to argue against that.

Royal Family News – Is Meghan Markle Stunned?

Harry never spoke a word against his family nor showed any inclination to leave them in such a horrendously public and humiliating manner before he met Meghan Markle. She decided not to attend the service so as not to be the “center of attention” and steal Philip’s thunder. Should she have gone anyway to avoid what in her self-centered mind could be considered a nightmare?

Did William and Harry make up while she was away, are they friends again after bro-ing it out without any outside interference?

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle May Not Be Happy

Many commentators think this is the case after observing the two at the service. They spoke face to face and there was no hint of rancor nor fisticuffs about to break out. If Prince William and Prince Harry are friends again, would Meghan Markle be stunned or not happy with this outcome?

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  1. Guest says

    He should apologise.for his wife's comments and tell her he is reconnecting with his family and she needs to accept this

  2. Guest says

    He needs to apologize to his family and tell Meghan there will be no more TV blabfests.

  3. Guest says

    He should apologize to the Queen and the rest of the royal family. He should also tied his pants and let his wife know he belong to a royal family, he is a Royal , and do not let her ruin his life

  4. Guest says

    Divorce her already!

  5. Guest says

    People need to leave this family alone and stop criticizing, unless you are in ones shoes and do not know the whole picture , how can you criticize?
    If anyone of our families were in the press constantly, there would be issues. Princess Diana was killed because of the press. Anyone who is critical of this family and judging is sad. I truly understand why Harry feels the way he does. I lost my mom at a very young age too and if anyone has experienced how devastating that is should understand.

  6. Guest says

    And tell her she needs to keep her mouth shut. Better yet, he needs to apologize for their atrocious behaviour, and then start divorce proceedings to get free of Nut-Meg.

  7. Guest says

    You're right

  8. Jezz says

    A few civilized words at a funeral was to be expected for everyone's sake, the Queen, her loyal royal family, who support her and their loyal public very much needed this show of respect at this time. This situation with Harry isn't going to just be fixed overnight, it will take time. Harry is an adult, if he allows anyone to influence him, that's on him. Perhaps this tragedy has made him see sense, I hope so for everyone's sake. I would like nothing better than to not have to see Harry in the news disrespecting Queen and country. He should do the right thing now, live his choice of a private life in Hollywood and let the royal family serve their people in peace without his childish drama.

  9. Guest says

    Meagan has to learn how to fit into the family . It is the same as any bride has to do Learn how to fit into a family you are not familar with.

  10. Guest says

    Harry is a very weak man and will always kowtow to his treacherous wife. MEgain will never be happy while she is so busy trying to be a victim. Unfortunately she is very dishonest seriously lacking in character.

  11. Guest says

    He is an adult and it’s time he starts acting like one. I suppose people assumed he would once he did get married but apparently it’s gotten worse. For all his misbehaving he was never an ass to his family. They always stood beside him. He’s in trouble now. Hollywood is running his life and they don’t have a very good track fecord.

  12. Jezz says

    I agree and his so called new celebrity friends seemed to revel in muck throwing at his family. They didn't even bother if there was any truth in it, so keen were they to just see his family trashed.

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