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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Accused of Not Remembering Who Camilla Is

British royal family news shows that Prince Harry needs a scorecard to keep track of what his two faces are doing and saying. Just hours after vilifying his step-monster Camilla, he has now said the opposite. Some are now seriously wondering about his state of mind given the bizarre behavior coming from the once-popular prince.

To be precise, last night Prince Harry promoted his memoir in a 60 Minutes interview saying he thought Camilla to be a dangerous villain—maybe he just confused her with Michael Jackson’s song Smooth Criminal?

Royal Family News – Harry is Not Saying The Same Thing Twice

Hours later he backed his dump truck up and said instead, that he has, “huge compassion,” for the queen consort.

Social media was quick to call him out: “He’s completely flailing around like a wandering abandoned dog. He needs to realise this is the last chance. However he is so confused and acting really out of line.”

Another wrote, “he’s a hot mess… his mind changes any way the wind blows… maybe what happens when you do drugs and have too much money and time…”

Royal Family News: “Confused” Harry Accused of Not Remembering Who Camilla Is

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Not Consistent Called a “Hot Mess”

He reveals in his memoir Spare that he viewed Camilla as an, “evil stepmother.” But, he told GMA host Michael Strahan he sympathized with her role as the third wheel in his parents’ marriage, then stated “he doesn’t look at her as an evil stepmother.” Oh my. Someone get Harry a tape recorder so he remembers what he said when.

Royal Family News – Confused Prince Harry Contradicts Himself

What Harry told Strahan contradicts what he told 60 Minutes host Anderson Cooper, that Camilla and Charles affair made her a villain.

So what is the state of affairs (pun noted) today between the soiled prince and the queen? Harry admitted that they haven’t spoken for a while,” then swiftly added that he simply adores every single member of his family. He added for good measure that he, “never intended to hurt his family,” with the contents of his book.

Note to Harry: they may not be family for long if you keep up your side gig as a garbage truck hauler.

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