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Royal Family News: Prince Harry and Meghan Accused of Using Royal Titles For Greed and Self-Aggrandizement

British royal family news divulges that some royal experts think that Harry and Meghan, for now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, should not be allowed to keep their titles after years of venting spleen at the very institution that granted them.

H and M have kept these titles and use them like shiny batons, twirling them everywhere they go in a bid to appear to be more than they are—an unemployed actress and a man who confuses self-indignation with self-righteousness. Will King Charles see fit to demote them now that his memoir, Spare, has dropped?

Royal Family News: King Charles And the Titles

Are Harry and Meghan using their titles to profit off the back of his hard working family members? This s the galling question that has many royal watchers calling for them to be stripped, exactly as disgraced Andrew was, of their regalness.

Nile Gardiner is a Washington-based foreign policy expert who told that the thirsty pair are using their monikers, “to maximise revenue and profits from their royal titles for as long as they can.”

Royal Family News: Prince Harry and Meghan Accused of Using Royal Titles For Greed and Self-Aggrandizement

This is despite the pair defecting from the monarchy in 2020 in a tacky moved dubbed Megxit. Since that time they have signed deluxe deals with Netflix and Spotify, reportedly worth tens of millions of dollars.

Royal Family News: HArry and Meghan Worth Millions?

Harry is also understood to have gained millions from Spare which is due for official release January 10. But last week the book was leaked, with the Guardian publishing torrid experts such as Harry talking about his manhood in what can only be described as a gauche and unwarranted way.

The book was also accidentally released in Spain, making Spare as leaky as Harry’s two mouths.

Royal Family News: Harry and His Two Faces

The salacious book comes on the heels of December’s drop of the Duke and Duchess’ six-part documentary series on Netflix. It was a reality show full of contrived poses and full of accusations against his family.

As such, Gardiner stated, “A big part of this is actually enriching themselves at the expense of the Royal Family, using their royal titles to do so.”

Tell us royal fans, do you want Harry and Meghan to be stripped, the same was Andrew was, of their titles?

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