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Royal Family News: Prince Harry And Meghan In An ‘Unwinnable Battle’ Against The Monarchy

British royal family news reveals that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle are waging a verbal war of ugly  words against his family and to a lesser extent her family.

They have trotted themselves out for video calls, podcasts, and multiple Oprah Winfrey events in which they have name-called the royals for various and assorted perceived affronts.

Their bizarre behavior has one royal expert declaring they are in an, “unwinnable battle.”

The Markles Are Fighting A Battle They Can’t Win?

The incredible and yet very reasonable claim is made by royal watcher Robert Taylor. He writes in The Telegraph that the couple’s dubious decision to wage a mud fight against the royal family is an, “unwinnable PR battle.”

He wrote, “One thing we’ve learned over the last few months is that both Harry and Meghan have experienced significant blows to their mental health.”

“In Meghan’s case, suicide has even been mentioned. And regardless of how privileged and wealthy they may be, they have my complete sympathy.”

 Harry Is Now Back In The UK

He went on to say, “But instead of concentrating on getting the help they so obviously need, they appear to be spending their energies on waging an unwinnable PR battle. The Windsors versus the Sussexes? For God’s sake, It’s Real Madrid versus Ashby-de-la-Zouch.”

He makes a point. The Markle Markle’s have continued to exhibit pugilistic behavior in the best of times, which makes one wonder how they deal with the worst of times.

Prince Harry Is Threatening Legal Action

The latest example comes this month just after the birth of their daughter. Most people would be overjoyed, completely focused on ushering new life into the world, and making sure she gets off on the right foot.

For Prince Harry, getting off on the right foot meant threatening legal action hours after his precious daughter’s birth. His target was the BBC who had the nerve to report on the baby’s name which Harry and Meghan made a gigantic deal out of all on their own.

Now Harry is back in the UK to face the music while Meghan stays home again—the last time was in April for Prince Philip’s funeral.

Harry is set to unveil a statue of his late mother Princess Diana on July 1, along with his brother Prince William. He will undergo a mandatory five day quarantine period and then he is free to be out and about, loose lips and all.

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