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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Ditched Coronation For Son’s Birthday Party, How’d That Work Out?

British royal family news divulges that yesterday halfway across the world from London, Dirty Harry had another party to attend, albeit one much more informal that his father King Charles’ coronation at Westminster Abbey.

His son Prince Archie reportedly enjoyed a “low-key” fourth birthday party at home in Montecito, California, and Harry’s divided loyalties were on full display as he raced away from the coronation to blow out his son’s birthday candles.

Royal Family News: Harry Races Across Time

The Daily Mail reports that “Sources close to the Sussexes confirmed Archie had a private celebration on his birthday at the couple’s £11 million mansion in Montecito, California, and a lemon cake baked by the Duchess of Sussex using fruit from their garden.”

Which invites all sorts of snide analogies about turning lemons into something more palatable but ultimately, like the question of why Harry even bothers–why …?

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Ditched Coronation For Son’s Birthday Party, How'd That Work Out?

The happiest Prince Harry looked was when he angled into his waiting car, with a manservant holding an umbrella over his bald head to protect it from sprinkles, and raced off once again abandoning the family who has done nothing but love and support him even as he rants against them to every outlet who will listen. By the way, earth-loving Harold did not make choose the Prius, his getaway car was a gas guzzling BMW.

Royal Family News: Harry At Coronation

The outlet reports “The Duke of Sussex is believed to have boarded a 3.45pm flight which would have seen him land in Los Angeles at 6.55pm local time.

The drive to Montecito from Los Angeles airport takes about 90 minutes. The source said: ‘Harry was determined to be back in time to tuck Archie into bed.’”

Royal Family News – Harry’s Coronation Trip

The source was asked if celebs like Oprah Winfrey were at the birthday party: “Some of their friends are celebrities, so yes, that’s likely. It will be a small, intimate gathering.” A different source nattered that “Meghan stayed home to celebrate Archie’s birthday because she felt it would be inauthentic to do anything else. She wanted to minimise the drama.”

But drama followed shamed Harry like a cheap tequila hangover as he “sauntered into Westminster Abbey cracking jokes like he owned the place,” with a “receding hairline that makes his mockery of his brother’s balding in his autobiography Spare look even more hypocritical.”

Royal Family News – Meghan’s Drama

The day was about country and family, and Harry knows he has torched both: “Harry walked into the Abbey isolated and alone, a painful representation of how his family and most of the country now feel about him as a direct result of his destructive behaviour.” And he has no one but himself and his co-conspirator (who left him to face the wolves all alone) to blame.

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    I’m glad Meghan choose not to go seeing that they gave the adulteress ex- husband more priority then Harry,he is still his son no matter what protocol and if the Queen could except the dad’s behavior and what he did,humm say no more!!!

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