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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Has Been Kicked Out From The Inner Circle

If there’s any breaking news from the family, there’s a very good chance that Prince Harry will be the last person to hear it.

That, or he might find out the next time he turns on his phone or the television. That’s because there’s a new report that says the Duke of Sussex has supposedly been kicked out from his family’s inner circle.

And you all know what that means! Keep reading below.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Has Been Kicked Out From The Inner Circle

Royal author and expert Robert Jobson, who often has something or another to say about the British royal family, believes that Prince Harry is no longer in the know when it comes to the monarchy, his family, and basically everything that he left behind in the UK.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Has Been Kicked Out From The Inner Circle

That’s because everyone refuses to speak to him, seeing how he spent the last twelve months throwing everyone under the bus in the way that he did.

He put it this way, “There is zero communication between father and second son, he has made enemies of William and Camilla, even Catherine.

If Harry was in any doubt he was out, that website update has left him in no doubt. The move to strip them – or technically not allow usage of – the Sussex title was right.

It wasn’t vindictive, just clear, proper ands right – if a little slow, but that’s the palace for you and all this ‘new fangled technology.’”

What’s Next For Harry And Meghan?

But then again, do Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle really care? Probably not. According to People magazine, sources close to the Sussexes say they’ve definitely moved on from all of the royal family.

Instead, they are focusing on the life that they’ve built in California and not the life and drama they left behind in London.

The tipster said, “It seems she has kind of moved on now. They have moved continents. They have set up a new life with their kids.”

So far the Sussexes have not made any comments about the matter.

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  1. Ananda says

    That’s all great news but don’t they still use the suckess title? What really needs to happen is that hazbeen needs to be removed from the line of succession. Take pedo andy off of it too. If kc3, who I have lost respect for & “queen” Camilla can’t get the job move over & Prince William do it. He’s a strong man & so is Princess Catherine. They will do right by the Monarchy & the people of England. If someone doesn’t do something, hazbeen & meagain could effectively end the Monarchy & the King’s family.

  2. Elizabeth says

    I’d also like to see their titles removed. They don’t serve anyone but themselves and the tutors seem to be misplaced. Also Harry needs to be removed from the line of succession as he is clearly unfit for the job. Meghan is likewise incapable of being in the royal family, the Firm, as in incapable of doing selfless work or anything she deems “unglamorous.” She’s not no manners and the two of them are just not smart enough to lead a kiddie parade, let alone a country. Even their Foundation is a failure as it is clearly just an income funnel.

  3. Melba Ledbetter says

    I disagree I think this whole thing William and Katherine thing and Camilla since this man was a child he has been kicked around. Now he fell in love. His,wife was treated like a harlots. I believe if the Suxxess had been treated kinder .Things would be better all around.
    I think the king needs to be a man a man talk to his son.

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