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Royal Family News – Prince Harry Made Aide Wear Saucy T-Shirt As A Forfeit

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Made Aide Wear Saucy T-Shirt As A ForfeitRoyal Family news reveals that Prince Harry forced an aide to wear a “mildly saucy” t-shirt as a “forfeit.” Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Royal Family News – Saucy Clothes For A Dangerous Land

Royal Family news reveals, according to Newsweek, Prince Harry made an aide wear a T-shirt with a “mildly saucy image of a woman eating a hot dog” during a 2014 visit to a reportedly dangerous part of Brazil, according to a newly released biography.

The 38-year-old prince was trying to bring attention to the fate of drug addicts in a part of Sao Paulo known as “Cracolandia,” due to its proliferation from crack cocaine.

Not A Normal Royal Visit

On June 26, 2014, Prince Harry made the aide wear a green “mildly saucy” T-shirt of a woman eating a hot dog while visiting a rough area in Sao Paolo, Brazil, known by locals as Cracolandia owing to its high concentration of crack addicts.

The new book, “Courtiers: The inside story of the Palace power struggles from the Royal correspondent who revealed the bullying allegations,” by well-known royal biographer Valentine Low, describes how the visit to Brazil was not a normal royal visit. It was also unclear, at the time, if Prince Harry would “get out of the country in one piece” as the surrounding crown became agitated.

Harry’s Shirt

As tense as things were around them that day, the scene was reportedly lightened by the fact that Harry had forced his then-private secretary to wear the T-shirt. “It is all getting a bit out of hand, as people jostle and push around Prince Harry, and the police start getting heavy-handed,” Low wrote.

“They shove people aside as they get Harry out to the safety of a waiting car, but not before he has a quick hug with one of the policemen on security duty. Lurking in the background is a tall, slightly balding figure, casually dressed, with his sunglasses tucked into the front of his green T-shirt.

“There is a military air about him: he looks like he might be a bodyguard. In fact, he is Harry’s private secretary, Ed Lane Fox. And the green T-shirt? With its mildly saucy image of a woman eating a hot dog? That’s Harry’s. Harry has made Lane Fox wear his T-shirt for the day, as a forfeit for some minor transgression.”

Harry Described As Visionary

Low’s book, released Thursday, shows Harry as a demanding boss in constant battle with the media but who also “brought fun” to his job as a royal. It paints aide Lane Fox as the cautious one, with Harry as the “visionary with the exciting ideas” who determined to follow through on the Brazil visit despite knowing “there were a hundred things that could go wrong.”

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