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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Made Fun Of The American Dream, No One Laughed

Prince HarryBritish royal family news shows that tactless Prince Harry of Hollywood made fun of the, “American Dream” and the mustard fell off the hotdog. In fact, he recounted his time being chauffeured around in in a car shaped like a hot dog which would be the dream of countless boys. The problem is Prince Harry is not a boy, he’s not even obtained man-child status yet. But there he was lecturing American troops, trying to be funny and charming and falling as flat as a flapjack.

The occasion was the 2021 Salute to Freedom Gala on the eve of Veterans Day in the US and Armistice Day in the UK. It was held in New York and for some reason the moppets were there.

Royal Family News – Harry And Meghan Are Legendary

Actually, someone thought it a good idea to have Prince Harry present Intrepid Valor Awards to five service members, veterans and military families while praising their “value.”

If the honorees wondered what value Harry brought to the proceedings they were justified. Because of his own poor conduct, Hollywood Harry is not allowed to wear a military uniform. He has also been stripped of his military titles.

Yet there he was in all of his un-glory, in a plain suit and tie, with a few lonely medals pinned to his lapel. His arm candy, aka Meghan Markle, made the news for her dress: a red gown designed by Carolina Herrera if you must know. And they both had poppies on their outfits, a symbol of remember for soldiers who died in service.

Royal Family News – Harry Is No Longer A Military Man

“It’s wonderful to be back on USS Intrepid a decade after my last visit – and a lot has changed since then,” he told the audience. Boy, did he ever open the window wide on that one. A lot has changed, starting with his defection from the royal family, his country and the military he hypocritically professes to love. One does not ditch something one loves for “financial freedom” as Harry did.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is A Hot Dog

The Fresh Prince of Montecito was just getting started with the unwelcome wisecracks. “Just last week, I went for a ride on the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile – how’s that for living the American dream,” he clacked. He also thinks the First Amendment is “bonkers” so who is to blame for inviting him to a veteran’s event?

Someone, somewhere keeps thinking that associating with Meghan and Harry will benefit them. That is a pipe dream, just ask their families, the loved ones they deserted on their way to woke celebness.

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