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Royal Family News: Prince Harry & Meghan In A State Of Panic After Being “Exposed” in Canada

British royal family news reveals that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not been shy about telling the world exactly what they think of their families (cheap) and the monarchy (bad).

It all started with their infamous Oprah interview in 2021, through their Netflix reality show, and lastly Harry’s NSFW memoir, Spare.

But wait there’s more! Here’s the one thing that got lost in the cracks and it’s a whopper.

Royal Family News: Harry Wrote Spare About Himself

Harry and Meghan’s Netflix docu-series was all about, what else, Harry and Meghan, and titled of course, “Harry & Meghan.”

There was a lot of juice being squeezed, and tears flowed like the Nile. But lost in the shuffle may be one of the show’s most drama-filled tales. It happened on the plane ride that took them to freedom, away from the mean monarchy–the highly imaginative pair called it their “freedom flight.”

Royal Family News: Prince Harry & Meghan In A State Of Panic After Being “Exposed” in Canada

Royal Family News: Harry & Meghan the Bombshell Netflix Documentary

On May 19, 2018, Harry and Meghan married at St. George’s Chapel and the world watched the fairytale unfold. Who knew how miserable they were?

They let us know soon enough however, starting with the very tawdry Oprah interview. But on the day of their wedding the media was lit with talk of the Markle Sparkle, and the Fab Four—H and M along with Prince William and Princess Kate—were hailed as the face of the modern monarchy.

And then, just like that, the Duke and Duchess of Excess pulled up stakes and ran away to Canada and later the US. They made the announcement on January 8, 2020, and their upcoming freedom flight was part of a package deal labeled Megxit.

Harry called that the flight “the freedom flight” without a hint of irony. Along for the ride on the private jet was Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland. The drama fest aired in the last episode of the six-part series and many viewers had likely left the series long before its conclusion. What happened? According to Newsnet, “Harry filmed inside the plane with his phone, showing his stepmother and the couple’s two dogs.”

He bleated “We are on the freedom flight, we are leaving Canada, and we are headed to Los Angeles, Harry said, putting his finger to his mouth as in a “shh” moment.”

And despite being aboard a “luxurious private jet … retailing at about $6.5 million” body language expert Darren Stanton told The Express that Harry and Meghan looked as if they were “in a state of panic to get out of Canada, where they felt exposed. Both Meghan and Harry looked really tired and stressed …”

In conclusion, Stanton stated “The fact that Harry called it a ‘freedom flight’ truly explains his mindset at the time. He very much saw it as a cat-and-mouse game, which was a time-sensitive operation. He seems a lot more settled and relaxed in the rest of the documentary compared to the scene of them on the plane. It was very much a turbulent period for Harry and Meghan.”

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  1. Lawrence Wike says

    Leave this young people alone to live their lives. We are tired of your made up stories.

  2. Joyce says

    I wish the very best to Harry,Megan and their precious family.

  3. Joyce Beasley says

    The best to Harry , Megan and little family

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