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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Says Covid Is Like HIV

 Prince Harry British royal family news shows that today Prince Harry did what he does best, preach under the influence of ignorance. He is neither an epidemiologist nor a public health expert but that didn’t stop him from comparing the Covid-19 crisis to HIV. In all his wisdom Hollywood Harry claimed that each medical malady has been prolonged by, “corporate greed and political failure.”

Harry is also not a politician nor a corporate power player. He is a failed prince whose best claim to fame, a military career, he threw away in a greedy quest for, “financial freedom.”

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Had To Attend Diversity Training

This is the same man who was ordered to go to diversity training after making fun of people of another culture, and the same creature described by Katie Couric as reeking of booze and cigarettes. Now he’s added Know It All to his emaciated resume.

They say ignorance is bliss so that could explain Harry’s non-perturbment as he routinely lectures, scolds and begs the populace to do and say what he believes they should. While he does the exact opposite.

For those interested, you can see Harry in a YouTube video today clacking about how Covid-19 and HIV are a lot alike. The video debuted on World Aids Day as part of the People’s Vaccine Alliance coalition of which is campaigning for a, “people’s vaccine.” As opposed to a scientific vaccine?

It gets better, with Harry invoking the name of his mother the late Princess Diana who was dubbed the “people’s princess.” To what depth will Harry not stoop to sell his snake oil? Drawing any sort of similarity between his late mother’s death and what he’s peddling is totes disrespectful.

Prince Harry Invokes His Late Mother

In the video Harry was shown speaking in New York in September, a trip made via private jet, the kind the eco-warrior demands the little people not use. He said, “Many of these vaccines were publicly funded, they are your vaccines – you paid for them.” And so we should what, stockpile them in our vegetable bins?

Furthermore he ordered pharmaceutical firms to end “vaccine monopolies” so developing nations can make Covid vaccines. At least one expert refutes that logic saying, rich countries are not to blame for lower vaccination in the developing world. An actual immunologist, Andrew Croxford, said that vaccine hesitancy is to blame for lower vax rates in those countries.

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