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The Walking Dead Actor Steven Ogg Lands A New Movie

Simon Killed By Neegan

The Walking Dead fans saw that on the show, most people who led the various communities needed to be every hard-hearted. Even Rick Grimes went from sparing lives to taking them. After all, in the post-apocalyptic world, nobody could trust anyone else. So, countless people died, and sometimes, innocents and kids also ended badly. Simon was particularly aggressive. Now, his actor, Steven Ogg landed another movie.

The Walking Dead – Steven Ogg Acted As Ruthless Simon

In the show, Steven Ogg played a very convincing role of a ruthless character. While fans debate which character, Rick Grimes, or Negan was the worst, actually, Simon probably outdid both of them in needless deaths. Appointed as Negan’s lieutenant, the powerful right-hand man held considerable influence in the community of the Saviors. While Negan was known to kill in revenge, sometimes, it seemed that Simon just killed because he could. Actually, he seemed to take a lot of pleasure from it. Young or old, antagonist or innocent, he didn’t seem to care. Unsurprisingly, he ended up suffering a violent death himself.

The Walking Dead character lived on even after Negan killed him. That came when Negan discovered that Simon betrayed him. Negan confronted him, and Steven Ogg had a big fight. Finally, Neagn strangled Simon and had him tied up with the other Walkers.  But, he featured after his death in a nightmare that Michonne had. Of course, the Saviors featured largely in the life of Rick and Michonne and their community. And, Simon really seemed like a living nightmare anyway.

The Walking Dead – New Movie For Steven

Deadline reported that Steven Ogg acts in the new movie with “Christina Ricci and Samantha Win”. It’s called The Dresden Sun. It’s a cyberpunk movie and it’s all about a heist, a financial analyst, and a big thing that goes wrong. The synopsis read: “a brilliant, principled mercenary with a traumatic past works with an insider to steal a valued asset from Peredor Corporation called “the sphere.” The C & Earth corporation, vying for global dominance, seeks to find a solution to an otherworldly technology via a scientist’s project.”

The Walking Dead Actor Steven Ogg Lands A New Movie

Well, the financial analyst, “who despises his job at the powerful investment firm Mutual One, finds himself caught between deadly corporate rivals, financial fraud, and technological espionage, and is ultimately forced to run from a psychopathic military contractor.” The Walking Dead actor will play the role of the mercenary protagonist, Crilenger.

Other Roles For Ogg

While Steve Ogg remains at the forefront of the memories of fans of The Walking Dead, he acted in other movies as well. He previously acted in TNT’sSnowpiercer. Plus, he was in The Short History of the Long Road. Naturally, he was easily recognizable in This Is Us as well

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