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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Will Not “Enjoy” American Exile Much Longer

British royal family news divulges new dirt on the dynamic that exists between allegedly warring sibs Prince William and Prince Harry. Why is it that one royal expert predicts that the royal runaway is already growing tired of his life in the US? Let’s unpack what this pundit is saying about Prince Harry the self-proclaimed (self-pitying?) spare and the magnificently regal heir named William.

Royal Family News – Harry Throws A Pity Party?

Royal expert Simon Heffer spoke recently to describe the tie that binds the reportedly estranged brothers. According to him, “Prince William deeply cares about his brother Prince Harry … even though the latter stepped down from royal duties in 2020.”

Heffer also thinks that Prince William is in an anxious state waiting for Prince Harry’s controversial memoir to drop in January. Is the memoir a dark cloud without a silver lining, one which threatens to shade the family’s holidays? In Heffer’s opinion the answer is yes and he believes that William was stunned by Harry’s decision.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Will Not “Enjoy” American Exile Much Longer

Royal Family News – Harry Has A Memoir

Additionally the royal expert opined that he does not see Prince Harry tolerating his American exile much longer. Honestly, what has Harry done except scoop chicken poop, ride his bike, juggle his balls in the backyard, and mount horses?

Heffer told The Telegraph that the court jester will not, “enjoy living in exile in America for very much longer,” however, Prince William may not, “accept a reconciliation,” with his hot-headed brother if Harry returns to the UK.

Heffer added, “The Prince of Wales is reported to be appalled at his brother’s general behaviour, and that the book is going to appear at all.”

Royal Family News – William Appalled At Harry’s Memoir

Lest one think that Heffer is throwing stones at hapless Harry, he does not spare William his withering pen, noting that Prince William can be, “self-righteous and spoilt.” But the difference between the two siblings is that William has the best interests of the monarchy at heart, “in deploring the Duke’s conduct.”

Royal Family News – Harry Is Deplorable?

Heffer stated that Harry’s book is very concerning for the royal family, with William worried about the negative impact of the tone following an unprecedented year of loss for the royal family.

In September Queen Elizabeth passed away after a historic 70 year reign, and in February Prince Andrew settled a sexual abuse case brought against him, resulting in the loss of his royal status.

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