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Royal Family News: Prince Harry “Worried” That the Queen’s Dresser Exposes His Sins In New Book

British royal family news divulges that the Queen’s dresser was a commoner with a fierce reputation, hence Angela Kelly’s nickname—AK-47. Is this firecracker the woman mouthy Prince Harry fears the most? He reportedly told her off in a blistering speech prior to his wedding, when he yelled at her to do whatever Meghan Markle wanted: “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets!”

Kelly is known for her unwillingness to back down and she has a book deal on the horizon that may be making the little prince anxious—let’s take a closer look at this situation.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Afraid Of Angela Kelly?

According to royal pundit Neil Sean a “very good source” told him that Angela Kelly is the person in this world who Harry “fears the most.”

Per The Express he stated, “One of the late Queen’s closest confidants was none other than the personal dresser Angela Kelly. According to a very good source, it is Angela that Harry now fears the most. She had a three-book deal, two books have already come out.”

Royal Family News: Prince Harry "Worried” That the Queen's Dresser Exposes His Sins In New Book

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Has A Memoir Due

Sean said, “According to the Palace, Ms. Kelly has gone on holiday touring the US. But others are suggesting she is putting pen to paper on her third book. We know that the late monarch would have discussed many private things with Angela, and this is worrying Prince Harry.”

Angela’s relationship with the late Queen Elizabeth was notoriously close. It was reported that after Harry yelled at Kelly, the monarch let him know exactly who is boss—and it isn’t the former basic cable actress.

Prince Harry Was Put In Place

How close were the late monarch and Kelly? According to reports she was given a, “grace and favor apartment (basically, a free place to live).” However, there are rumblings that the queen’s eldest son and heir, King Charles, is “not a huge fan” of Angela, so the plot thickens!

Back to Kelly’s next book, it could be that Harry has good reason to worry about her loose lips. The outlet reports that, “apparently Her Majesty gave Angela personal permission to write about her time working for the royals.”

Royal Family News – Tiaragate Comes Home To Roost

Will Kelly lash out at Harry for his indecent behavior regarding Meghan and what has become known as Tiaragate? To many royal watchers, such a tongue lashing would be most welcome for the ingrate who has tattled on his closest relatives for the past two years.

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