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Royal Family News: Prince Philip Called Meghan Markle This Very Bad Name After Megxit

Prince PhilipBritish royal family news reveals that Prince Philip was so steamed with Los Angeles native Meghan Markle Duchess Of Sussex that he called her a dirty name. A name that is historically very dirty in his family anyway!

According to the royal watcher, Ingrid Seward Prince Philip was so incensed that the merry American divorcee waltzed into his fam and wreaked havoc on it that he compared her to another American divorcee who took a wrecking ball to The Firm.

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Seward states that Philip was so, “dismayed and deeply upset,” following the outrageous Megxit move that he compared the B-list actress too—gasp–Wallis Simpson.

In her book Prince Philip Revealed, the royal watcher claims that the 99-year old patriarch was, “unable to understand,”  Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s outrageous decision to divorce his family and flee the country.

Wallis Simpson Is A Very Bad Name To Be Called

Harry and Meghan were so disenchanted with palace life that they told his family they wanted to make a ton more money in the states than they could in the UK, aka “financial freedom,” and had no choice but to leave. Poor Philip was said to be so hurt that he reached down low to draw a nasty comparison between Meghan Markle and Wallis Simpson.

But not before he tried to help Harry advise Meghan on how to adapt to her new royal role. His words were in vain however as hotheaded Harry was having none of it.

Harry Did Not Want To Listen To His Grandfather’s Advice

Seward went on to say, “For Philip, whose entire existence has been based on a devotion to doing his duty, it appeared that his grandson had abdicated his for the sake of his marriage to an American divorcee in much the same way as Edward VIII gave up his crown to marry Wallis Simpson in 1936.”

And that was clearly unacceptable. “The behavior of his grandson is completely foreign to him, so the relationship suffered in a natural way.”

Meghan is a one time divorcee and twice-divorced Wallis Simpson created a constitutional crisis in the 1930s when King Edward VIII tried to marry her. The Church of England did not accept divorce, forcing Edward VIII to abdicate the throne. His brother, the Duke of York, took his place and when he died, Philip’s wife, the former Princess Elizabeth became heir to the throne.

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  1. dustycat says

    Wow .

  2. dustycat says

    No i don't think so ,

  3. Guest says

    Phillip need take a look at that ugly hoe he married before he start calling someone a name.

  4. dustycat says

    Did you say the Queen is ugly ? That's just awful she's so lovely .and whats a hoe.??

  5. Guest says

    I think that Jacquelyn was referring to her own mother.

  6. dustycat says

    Or herself .i can't believe a women can talk like this .

  7. dustycat says

    I am so pleased that someone feels the same way i do .and of course Diana would have been so upset knowing that her lovely boys were on the outs ,but i know she would be very happy for Harry ,he has done what she was going to do god bless him .So Jacquelyn if you dont like the Royal family don't call them those awful names that your mother must have allowed you to use !!!!,

  8. Guest says

    Dear Prince Philip is sooo right.
    I'am upset & aghast by those two disrespectful, ungrateful & losers' behavior (which names don't need mentioning).
    So, let them permanently abdicate all…shut the door…let them disappear from any royal life…away.

    Dear Prince Philip I think you have done well.
    Please shut that door on all of them…no more abusive disputes. It hurts.
    For there are other more important decisions to make and good works to complete in life, but especially protecting and trying to help keep more stable the royal family and their unique traditional ways of living-which is hard enough in these changing times, and continue to happily encourage more decent, honorable, godly ways, & each royal Subject may more on safely, secure and keep on the truer royal family together. Setting healthier example of better useful conduct & better thinking…where many in England and elsewhere in the world may follow appropriate appreciation to Requirements set and proven to be useful for all living conditions, as long as it is godly, as in according to the Holy Law The Holy Bible (or that of the honest Jews:& which carries God's Holy Name YHWH;
    '"Bad associations spoils useful habits"'.

    Please forgive if any indescretion on my part.
    Be at peace & be blessed.

    Please caution.
    And take care You All.

    I am …

  9. Guest says

    Initially I blamed Meghan for dragging Harry away from the UK but even tho I am a senior, even I think that some of the rules the royalty have to live by are a little stiff. Harry is now sixth in line and I cannot blame him for feeling like a fifth wheel. Now that he has gotten a taste of living without rules, I doubt if he will ever go back. I disagree that his son Archie has been separated from his cousins and aunt and uncle and grandparents and great grandparents, as family is so important. And I’m sure Diana’s heart would be broken knowing that William and Harry are on the outs. Perhaps time will heal.

  10. Guest says

    Wowza that's a low blow for sure. Wallis ruined the monarchy and Meghan has done it all over again.

  11. Guest says

    Price Phillip is an old racist man, German and thinks others are less worthy of life! Even when Diani died his idea of helping the boys coop was taking them out to kill animals!! Megan maybe a boss, but Harry has been his own man. He's happy, has his own family and us a protective and openly affectionate to his wife who is the same to him.

  12. Guest says

    You weren't there, you have no idea what happened behind closed doors! However, we could read the 24/7 trash that was written about Meghan!! She got no support from anyone in the royal royal familu except Harry!! I don't care for them getting the h*ll out of dodge!!! On the other hand, I don't appreciate her and Harry messing with the 2020 election!!! I wish they would go back to ENGLAND!! I was in their corner until I read what they did the the hidious democrTs back in power!! They are EVIL TO THE CORE!!!

  13. Guest says

    William looks like his mother, but Harry acts like her.

  14. Guest says

    I still think Meghan is the first piece Baby Harry had. He is not thinking rational right now. When he figures out all females are made the same,. he will change his way of thinking.

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