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Royal Family News: Prince William Is RAGING At Prince Harry’s Belligerent Behavior

Prince William British royal family news reveals that the rift between Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex is the mother of all gaping holes, a huge gap as big as the Grand Canyon is deep.

According to a source who spilled all to The Sun, these two have reportedly exchanged texts following Harry and Meghan Markle’s tattle tale interview with Oprah Winfrey but the brothers’ relationship remains strained.

Royal Family News – The Princes’ Relationship Is Strained

“William and Harry are as far apart as it’s possible to be—emotionally and physically,” a source told The Sun. “Their relationship is at rock bottom. William’s raging with Harry after the Oprah interview.”

Prince Harry is expected at several significant events in the UK this year but it remains to be seen if he will bother to attend. One of the high profile events is the unveiling of a statue both brothers commissioned of their late mother, Princess Diana. Their collaboration came at a much happier time however and the statue is to be unveiled at Kensington Palace in July.

Royal Family News – Will Harry Show Up In The UK This Summer?

The source explained that right now William is, “so angry with him that it’s totally unthinkable at the moment for them to be happily reunited and stood together at the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue. It’ll take a lot of work to patch things up so they can put on a united front.”

The event is set for Diana’s birthday on July 1, at Kensington Palace. But a source has alleged, “William will not tell Harry he is not welcome. This is their mother. They commissioned the statue together for their mother so it would be unfair to say that he doesn’t want Harry to be there, because he does. It is a leap to think they will only talk about the statue. They will have brotherly conversations. They should be given time to speak.”

Royal Family News – A Princess Diana Statue Is Set To Be Unveiled

Prince Harry was apparently headed back to England for Trooping the Colour on June 12, the same month as Prince Philip’s 100th birthday. The parade has just been cancelled however and birthday celebrations may be muted due to Philip recently returning home from a 28 day hospital stay.

While he was in the hospital the Markle’s dropped a salacious interview in which they accused the royals of mistreatment, neglect and racism.

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  1. Guest says

    When isn’t he raging? He is perpetually in a state of rage. Maybe he should seek some angry management.

  2. Guest says

    William has seemed to benefit from marriage, same can't be said for Harry.

  3. Guest says

    Of course William is upset and angry. What his hapless brother Harry has done is outrageous, and serves to show how immature, and spoiled Harry really is. If Harry does go to London for the unveiling of the statue, he had better leave his wife, Malicious Meg, behind in the U.S. If ever any one of those two brats is not welcome in the UK, it would be that witch. She'd be "booed" out of the country!!!!!!

  4. Guest says

    For two people that feel they are ok to speak about mental health??? One suggests they take their own advice and get some counseling ASAP. They both desperately need their own mental health. They spend too much time deliberately being cruel to others.

  5. Guest says

    I am don't blame Prince William at all for his vehement feelings about this!!!! I also feel badly for the Queen. What Meghan Markle has done by airing her "dirty laundry" is being spouted to the entire world. Candace Owens and Morgan Freeman have it exactly right!!!!

  6. DJ Brown says

    I don’t think they are being cruel to others. “Others” are put ion an undeserved pedestal. Why not call “others” out for their cruelty?

  7. DJ Brown says

    With a stepford wife who puts up with his cheating, of course he benefits. Smh

  8. DJ Brown says

    Not kidding. Maybe he should take control of his own mental help.

  9. Jezz says

    I don't blame William. If Harry was my brother and trashed our family to Oprah for money I'd be fuming. Harry and Megan need to be kept now at a distance so they can't find any more family matters to embellish for attention and money. I wouldn't employ Harry because of his immature and unprofessional conduct, but hey if it keeps the brat busy and out of the media I'm all for it.

  10. DJ Brown says

    Narratives are important. The royal family was happy to allow Harry to be the troubled spare. Tolerated working royal Harry as long as it benefitted William. Now they will do anything to destroy the successful Harry narrative.

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