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Royal Family News: Prince William Is Refusing To Forgive And Forget What Prince Harry’s Done So Far

Royal Family News says that for Prince William, it’s going to be very hard for him to forgive or forget any of the things that Prince Harry has said about him in his Netflix docuseries, Harry and Meghan, and of course, in his memoir, Spare. And who can blame him?

The Duke of Sussex has thrown his brother under the bus so many times now that there are some critics out there who have simply lost count. And for William, this also means that Harry has crossed a line that no brother should ever cross, either. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News – Prince William Is Refusing To Forgive And Forget What Prince Harry’s Done So Far

Apparently, William is adamant in making sure that Prince Harry does not attend King Charles’ Coronation in May. And that’s not just because William doesn’t want to be in the same room as Harry, but also because he believes that the Duke of Sussex has no place at the Coronation to begin with, given his recent behavior.

One source close to the situation even told The National Enquirer, “William thinks Harry has no place at the Coronation, which is a stately, symbolic ceremony and should be treated with the utmost respect.”

But because of how he’s detailed his fight with William in his memoir and also because of all the horrible things he’s said about Kate Middleton and how he made her look bad in his memoir, William wants Harry to stay where he is – and that’s thousands of miles away from him or anyone else in the royal family for that matter.

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Harry And Meghan?

The tipster added, “There will be no forgiving or forgetting from William. Charles is inclined to invite Harry to the event – but he’ll be facing a world of judgment from his first born son if he does.”

While it’s been reported that Harry and Meghan have received their invites to the Coronation, it will be interesting to see if they actually show up for the festivities. Watch this space.

Tell us British Royal Family fans, how do you feel about this story? Contribute to the buzz by dropping us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. We’ll make sure to update you with all of the latest information about King Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton and the rest of the firm right here.

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  1. Margiegk says

    King Charles /// all we hear. What Harry said, sure there wasn’t some truth to it. Ask before judging.

  2. Jean Gillette says


    1. Gigi gigi says

      Grow up RF , you think y’all are perfect! You need counseling William and Charles

    2. Kathleen says

      How can you expect William and Catherine to be healed yet???? It will take years to heal the pain and move forward!!!

      Harry and Meghan wanted nothing to do with being a Royal than they stab them in the back over and over!!!
      I think they are absolutely pathetic and pray they stay far away.

  3. D Lee Wallech says

    Meghan has convinced Harry she cannot tolerate what it takes to being a working royal. She thought Harry had millions of dollars, fancy cars, and private jets. She wanted to marry a royal but obviously didn’t do all her homework because she thought it was a real fairy tale. She is used to an actress and used her skills to “play” Harry by having many meltdowns to show him how “horrible they were treating her”, when in fact she did not want to live by the royal rules instead of her rules as she was used to doing in her life before marrying a royal. She insisted she would be killed just like Harry’s mother, by tugging on his heart strings by constantly bringing this up in his face. Wanting to please his new wife, Harry allowed Meghan to control their every movement. He allowed her to convince them to step down as working royals and drifting to sponge in Canada, then another home in Canada before buying their home. Harry had no idea what a mortgage consisted of in the US as he never had a mortgage has royals do not since the properties they own have been in the family for many, many years. Meghan and Harry realized they had to do something to make money. The Oprah interview, podcasts, Netflix, Disney, and now the book “Spare”, However they wanted their privacy and no publicity which contradicts what they are doing. They only want publicity when it suits their purpose. But why do they have to drag the royal family through the mud. Their popularity is sinking not rising. They are not making celebrity friends as Meghan had thought. There are a handful only when it suits others or Meghan invites herself. Harry is off doing his book tour. His book has things in it that no one cares to know about that has been made public about Harry’s body and his loss of virginity. He will stop at nothing to try to fill up pages to make the length of the book thick. Harry wants an apology from the royal family, but actually he and Meghan owe them an apology and more. It would be best if Harry and Meghan stayed in the US as they are a disgrace even to themselves. Charles was correct in having them move out of Frogmore Cottage. They never want to visit because they don’t have the royal security which they feel they have although they stepped away, which is all their own doing. They want their cake and eat it too. Good riddance as if they come to the coronation they will not be seated close as they are down on the pecking order especially since Queen Consort Camilla is having her family as well as the Prince and Princess of Wales and their family. Also the British have stated Meghan and Harry will be booed everywhere they to. They should just stay in California and celebrate Archie’s 4th birthday and that way they don’t have to worry about security nor being shunned by the people they crossed the pond.

    1. LPL says

      Bravo, well said!!!

      Why would they want to come back to a place and with “The Institution” that has caused such heartache, PTSD and severe mental health issues?

      King Charles has been very gracious in trying to include Harry & his Wife at this Historical Event…Especially with their Treasonous behavior, in the old days they’d be exiled, locked up in the Tower of London or worse.

      They chose to step down from their duties, they chose to move away, they chose to give slanderous interviews, Podcasts, Reality Show, a book of horrific accusations and they demand an apology, get upset when the home they were leasing and lived in for six months out of 4.5 years and said they had no plans to live in the UK…they have the nerve to place more blame on the King and Royal Family??!!??

      They should stay home with their children who they now insist on being called Prince & Princess, who will never be working royals or know their family thanks to their Mother. Those poor children.

      This is a historical event that needs to be taken seriously, it’s about the King and the Coronation, not some reality show filled with drama. They’ll make it all about themselves. If they do choose to wait until the last minute to grace the family with their presence, they should be given the cheap seats. After all why would they want to sit with those horrible people who have hurt their feelings…and not be on camera, well maybe just a few shots to show how far back they have to sit.

    2. Kathleen says

      Thank you. Well said.

      They wrote the book putting all of the Royals down. The hurt and betrayal is way too fresh for forgiveness at this time.

      The United States is getting sick of them too. I say grow up, be a class act and stay out of the limelight PLEASE ♥️

  4. ShanLee says

    Maybe William should be more concerned about HIS actions and the actions of the people (Charles and Camilla) who he supports than people finding out about it all. William certainly favors his stepmother rather than his own mother. He has not, for one moment, condemned the treatment Harry has faced from the tabloid media. Perhaps if he had stepped off his high horse once in a while and supported his brother, protected him, and listened to him, Harry would not have needed to defend himself publicly. William and his ilk gave him no choice. William, sulking is not an attractive quality. Neither is refusing to take responsibility for your shortcomings.

    1. Sherian McLaughlin says

      How can William support is mother when she is dead? William is not the one who stabbed the royal family in the back, told LIES and bad mouthed his grandparents,,,,that is all on Harry and they treated Prince Philip while he lay dying is just so disgraceful and and to treat his grandmother who gave him so much and also gave Meghan the same, is just despicable. I treasure my grandparents, do you?

    2. Kathleen says

      Oh my. Do you really know William? Don’t you think William and Catherine are hurting? Do you believe everything Harry has wrote?! Several of his stories have been proven to not be true. Has William or Catherine gone out and written a nasty book?! William and Catherine absolutely adored Harry. It blows my mind how he stabbed them all in the back. What an awful betrayal to all. Shame on Meghan and Harry! They wanted their freedom. Now they have it but it is never enough

  5. Dolly MacFarlane says

    I agree with Prince William completely. There are some lines that should not be crossed. Prince William is hardworking, mature and dedicated to the family and country. Queen Elizabeth had done that with her Uncle and Charles should do it with Harry. Prince William and Princess Kate deserve and have earned the support of the family and country

    1. Kathleen says

      Spot on! AMEN ♥️
      I admire William and Catherine immensely for all they do to help others!!!

      Meghan and Harry only want to help themselves. They like spoiled children. So tired of their whining!!!

  6. C. Ballard says

    Good for Prince William!

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