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Royal Family News: Psychologist Claims Prince George Saved By Mom Kate Middleton

British royal family news divulges that Prince George just celebrated his 10th birthday, and as such has come under a fair bit of scrutiny as he will one day be king.

He hit his milestone birthday on July 22 and since then pundits have discussed his future and what it may look like.

One mental health professional thinks that George has been raised right by his parents in particular Kate Middleton who grew up as a commoner.

Keep reading to discover what this psychologist has to say about George’s upbringing.

Royal Family News: Psychologist Claims Prince George Saved By Mom Kate Middleton

George was born on July 22, 2013 and even royal experts agree that the lad is “very lucky to have Catherine as his mother.”

Royal News: George’s Happy Future

Royal expert Jennie Bond told the Mirror that Kate is an excellent parent “in quite difficult circumstances … doing a great job of making sure George grows up as balanced, confident, and happy as possible.” is in a rare position, expected to follow  his father Prince William as UK king, but noted that “it’s his mother who is keeping him as grounded as possible.”

Bond said that despite his royal pedigree and grand future “Catherine tries very hard to ensure his childhood is as normal as possible with walks in the park, outings with friends, and visits to local museums and farms.”

Royal Family News: George’s Grand Future

Psychologist Emma Kenny agrees with Bond’s enthusiastic assessment of Kate’s parenting. She thinks that thanks to Kate George will be well equipped to handle the challenges of being a monarch.

She told the outlet that because of Kate’s influence George “will make a more personable and empathetic monarch … Since she’s likely to be queen before her son is crowned, the mentoring that he will receive from her will be powerfully educating.”

Princess Kate and her husband Prince William are next in line to the throne, after King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Royal Family News: Kate Middleton is an Excellent Role Model

The professional thinks that Kate is being proactive in preparing her son for the bright spotlight that he will one day inherit: “sowing the seeds for him to cope with the pressures by maintaining a high level of positive communication and a family foundation of love and security.”

Kate has been called the monarchy’s “secret weapon” do you agree with this assessment royal fans?

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