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Royal Family News: Sarah Ferguson Tweets After THAT Coronation Snub

British royal family news shows that Meghan Markle will be in good company sitting at home alone in front of the telly watching King Charles’ coronation while her man is there in person.

Sarah Ferguson will also be among the royal wives not present when her live-in ex Prince Andrew watches the proceedings live. And now the fiery redhead is having a say after being snubbed by King Charles on May 6.

Royal Family News: Charles” May 6 Coronation

Sarah is still the Duchess of York and remains ensconced in her ex-husband’s life as his live-in companion. They have two daughters together, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who also scored invites. Why is Sarah not welcome when the rest of her immediate family is?

Some royal experts think that King Charles continues to see Sarah as an “embarrassment” to the clan. Plus she is no longer a member of the Royal Family despite her living arrangements with the man who settled a sexual abuse case out of court last year. Talk about scandal.

Royal Family News: Sarah Ferguson Tweets After THAT Coronation Snub

Royal Family News: Sarah is Not Invited to Charles’ May 6 Coronation

When it comes to scandal Sarah was pushed into a divorce after nasty pics of her and a lover were splashed across tabloids. One showed a man sucking her toes while she lounged outside in a bikini. That was said to have incensed her late father-in-law Prince Philip who reportedly banned her from family events.

Maybe Charles is following in his footsteps? It was also reported that she had a rift with Charles late first wife, Princess Diana, after she claimed she caught something nasty after borrowing a pair of her shoes. They were reportedly not speaking at the time of Diana’s death in 1997.

Sarah has not directly spoken about her snub but she has broken her silence following the harsh decision.

Royal Family News: Sarah Will Not be at Charles’ May 6 Coronation

Yesterday she tweeted about a friend’s expedition up Mt. Everest: “This is my friend John Chart’s last trek. John, who suffers from #MotorNeuroneDisease, climbs Everest to raise awareness about MND and how more research is needed.”

She also shared a photograph of John carrying a doll character from one of her children’s books and posted: “Little Red and team are by his side every step of this challenging journey. #MND #Awareness.” Well that is a classy way for her to move on and up, right? Tell us what you think royal fans!

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  1. Charmaine says

    This whole thing is a circus! A child rapist, who settled out of court. He’s invited. But the Price Harry coming is termoil.. Sarah Ferguson is the two girls mersother and still lives with the Father. Are the guests all Royal? Put Kate in her place and Camilla in her place. She was described as a third wheel
    . .. She was having affair with Charles and he was married! So what isn’t true?.

  2. L. Stedman says

    Meghan’s decision to remain in the US and not attend the coronation is the first wise choice she has made. I doubt it was because it is Archie’s birthday — I asked several 4 year olds when their birthdays were and/or what day they were on and none of them knew without asking their Moms. They could have held it a week prior or a week after Harry returns and I’ll bet Archie would have been just as happy to celebrate his birthday on any day they chose.
    I wish Archie a Happy Birthday and hope some of his pre-school chums attend.
    Keep making wise choices, Meghan and drop the Prince and Princess stuff. No one in the USA cares.

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