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Royal Family News: #ShutupHarry Is Trending On Twitter For This Reason

Royal Family News says that it really doesn’t matter what Prince Harry says or does, there will always be some royal experts out there who will criticize him for one reason or another.

This time around #ShutupHarry is trending on Twitter and that’s because some people are just over hearing the Duke of Sussex complain about his very privileged life. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: #ShutupHarry Is Trending On Twitter For This Reason

In his Netflix docuseries, Heart of Invictus, Prince Harry talks about how he never got the help that he so desperately needed soon after his mother Princess Diana died back in 1997.

Prince Harry

Harry was just 11 years old at the time. The Duke of Sussex also said that he didn’t get the mental health help he needed when he returned home from his first visit to Afghanistan.

In Heart of Invictus, Harry said, The biggest struggle for me is that no one around me could really help. I didn’t have that support structure, that network, or that expert advice to identify what was actually going on with me.”

Royal commentator Carole Malone says that enough is enough as the majority of people think that it’s just time for Prince Harry to stop making the same complaints over and over again.

In a new interview with GB News, Carole put it this way, “He’s playing the victim again. This guy is obviously trying to justify his Netflix contract and he’s thinking what can I do?’ I’ll moan a bit about how I never got looked after when I came back from Afghanistan and how the media completely ignored veterans and military heroes.”

Royal Family News: Critics Have Had Enough of The Duke Of Sussex

Carole added, “It is absolute utter tosh. I am amazed they have let him say that.”

But then again, this isn’t the first time that Prince Harry has said that he’s been left disappointed by his family members and their lack of support throughout the years.

Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter although at this point it’s doubtful that anything will be said. Watch this space.

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  1. Betty says

    I do agree, Harry Stop your whining and complaining. You re not 11byrs old or 19 you re suppose to be a responsible grown man with children. Do you think you re the only man that served in a war, you came home alive and with all your limbs intact, a lot of men and women didn t and some came home in body bags. So count yourself a lucky pos as this is what you have become.

    1. Mary says

      Agree. Harry needs to put a band aid over his mouth he needs to shut up and get rid of the witch he married

  2. Coffeenut says

    Get over it. Wish you would move to Antarctica. Tired of you.

  3. Inez says

    I’m TIRED of hearing about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. maybe if WE don’t give them anymore publicity they’ll go away. PLEASE, no more about these two!!!

  4. Sharon says

    Charles. Your wife maybe the reason you don’t get to see your grandchildren is that you are always on trips plus Kate and William are always making appearances also. But one but reason is that your so called wife has given hell to Kate that she has no control of her children. She can’t say much after her adulterers life with her children. You can’t always have your cake and eat it too.You feel like everyone has to do what Charles wants and when. Since you became King everybody is below you. Get a real life . Your wife is always down grading Kate and her children. How you feel if you were in her shoes.

    1. Rebel says

      What you just described are problems many families experience. No need to share those same problems with the whole world over and over and over. I guarantee you when Harry’s kids grow up they are going to have all kinds of problems with him and I hope that they broadcast them over and over and over to the whole world. And just like Charles in your opinion is to blame, Harry will be responsible for that in my opinion.

  5. Carol says

    Harry you are not the only person to lose someone they love at a young age, you are old enough to seek out professional help for yourself instead of playing the poor me card consistently.

  6. Ananda says

    Maybe NOW Harold will take a hint & stop whining to the public. I’ve never seen a more straightforward reaction from so many people telling him how they feel. Harold seems to be addicted to attention whether it’s good or not so he keeps saying the same things he’s already said ad nauseum. This will pass, tho, as most people can care less what the markles are up to. They blew it big time & I don’t believe he’ll ever get back the respect that people had for him.

  7. Kathy day says

    He needs to be boycotted. Everyone is sick of him and his wife. Harry is a traitor to his family.

  8. Phyllis says

    The only person who causes Harry to act as he does is his wife! She was a failed actress before she met him, she worked on a Canadian show, after years of trying to gain access to Hollywood! The biggest role she ever had was that of a Royal in England and she made a mess of that! She is an ambitious, talentless woman, who targeted Harry! She pulls his strings and manipulates his every move! He needs to take his children back to his destiny and begin his life again! His father still loves him as does his brother! He is in a loveless , manipulative relationship, and he will never have peace ! She does not speak to her family nor does she speak to his!That alone tells us who has the issues, he is brainwashed!

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