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Meghan Markle Believes She’s Better Off Without Prince Harry

Could this be the reason why Meghan Markle has been spending less and less time with her husband, Prince Harry? Maybe.

There’s a new report that suggests the Duchess of Sussex thinks that she’s better off without her husband, Prince Harry.

But that doesn’t mean she wants to divorce him. Instead, it seems like the former Hollywood actress simply wants to keep her distance from her husband all things royal because she thinks it would better for her personal brand. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Believes She’s Better Off Without Prince Harry

According to royal expert Kinsey Schofield, she thinks that Meghan wants to rebuild her reputation as being a royal has done her more harm than good.

Plus, all that mudslinging between her and the rest of the royal family sure hasn’t helped her position in the popularity polls on either side of the Atlantic.

Schofield says that Meghan has supposedly been advised to keep her distance from any and all royal drama, regardless of whether or not her husband is involved.

Royal Family News: The Duchess of Sussex Wants To Be Her Own Entity 

In an interview with Fox News, she said, “There are clear signs of a professional separation when WME announced that they were only signing Meghan Markle.

Then the ‘Heart of Invictus’ trailer released, and we discovered that Prince Harry was the executive producer without Meghan.

I certainly think that Meghan has counsel in her ear telling her that she is better off without Prince Harry and the royal drama, professionally, but Meghan worked as an actor before Harry.”

Schofield continued, “She’s not a celebrity or a household name. We loved and accepted Meghan because we have loved Prince Harry since he was a little boy.

He elevated her, and I think people will be much more forgiving of him before they will forgive her.”

Meghan Markle herself has not made any comments about the matter.

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  1. Elsa Johnson says

    You people need to leave Megan and Harry
    along they are not bothering anyone they
    are going on with their life they are not saying
    anything about the Royal family and that
    Royal family is nor perfect like they
    make themselves out to be anyway so leave
    Harry and his wife along in peace these Royal
    Commenter are Trying to stir up trouble where there is no trouble they are Trying to
    keep a feud going between Harry and his
    Royal family and Trying to put Megan in the
    middle of it leave her along Harry had issues
    with his family long before Megan married him that family didn’t do anything to help Harry mentally knowing that he was struggling
    with his mental health at least Megan made
    him get the help that he needed and supported him which is more then what his
    brother and father didn’t do including those
    so call palace aides but these are the very
    people who want to get involved in the mental
    health crisis but didn’t do anything to help the
    family member who needed them the most
    so you don’t know what Megan goes through
    when Harry has a panic attack are a ptsd attack that’s a lot to deal with that means you
    have to really care and love that person who
    has those conditions Harry dated other woman and they didn’t care enough about him to stand by him are support him while he
    was going though this the only one who stood
    by him is his wife so you people need to remember that and stop putting his wife down
    and blaming her for leaving England Harry was going to leave anyway he no defend position in the Royal family so he had to leave
    and make his own way in life financially and that’s what he and Megan are Trying to do
    everyone struggles to find their place where
    they fit in and that’s what Harry and Megan are Trying to do so stop critizing every thing
    they do and by the way they do support
    charities and volunteer their time.

    1. Debra says

      No one is perfect, I certainly don’t believe so. But trashing family to make a dime, then expecting them to not get upset is far from perfect also. Going back to England will never be a plan of meghans because the royal family doesn’t keep it all about meghan.

    2. Lynda says

      OMG. And you know all this because you know the royals personally??

  2. Mary Ottomaniello says

    She is the one who convinced Harry to leave his family. She says she was being hounded by the paparazzi but I didn’t see that at all.

    She wanted to be in the family but she wanted to be up there where William and Kate are. I feel everything she has done was for fame

    1. Willis says

      Megs seems to care only for herself and what ever fame and fortune she can latch onto by making Harry act like a spoiled child who can’t think for himself. He truly comes off as ignorant and his sick chat ups about his penis is enough to make any woman wonder about the little prince. They both love living on the edge with their crazy lies as well.

  3. Esther says

    I totally agree. But I think is harry that is better off without Megan. She is a very spoiled person

    1. Norma C. says

      I thought they would be separated before Christmas this year. Harry misses his family but has never been involved in the royal part of the family. Personally I think they should do away with royalty. It’s a waste of time and money. It’s a fantasy from the fairy tales and it should stop. Considering they are all part of the WEF we don’t need that.

      1. Lynda says

        I’m with you on this one!

    2. Maureen H says

      She has it backwards. He’s better off without her. I hope Charles takes the kids away from her. Her “lifestyle ” is not conducive to be raising those poor children. That’s the only reason Harry is still sticking around.

  4. Jackie Agnew says

    Prince Harry and his children are way better off with out Meghan Markle, she has always wanted the big spotlight on her. She’s never been the wife to Prince Harry that she should be and she’s never been a good mother to their children. She just wants to be able to say that her babies are royalty, once again to puff herself up,since she is their mother by name only. She doesn’t know how to be a dedicated mother or wife.

  5. Kathy says

    I just want Harry and Megan to go away. Harry is a traitor to his family.

    1. Carpe Diem says

      Indeed he is. It seems both Haz and Megs are attention starved. Every celebrity they try and cling to can’t wait to cut them loose after spending some time with the branding bores in my opinion. They claim to desire privacy, but time in the USA has shown the grifters to be dishonest leeches in my opinion.

  6. Dj says

    I am praying for Prince Harry, Louis and Lewibette his sister.

  7. Doris Davis says

    I am sick of her. Maybe Harry will take the kids and go back home and leave her to her Career!! That’s obviously what she wants, fame and fortune!

  8. Cherie says

    Actually, he’s better off without her. She’s abrasive and demanding-unwilling to compromise. Brits are better off without her (and so is Harry).

    1. Claudette says

      And when did you meet Harry and Meghan??

  9. Roberta says

    I Wish They Would All Make Peace For The Children’s Sake

    1. Angela says

      I wish the family of Royals the best and I know you do, too. The press should keep the kids in mind when the Meghan Harry thing starts to boil over. Harry and his wife have kids who will have to deal with the arm’s length fish bowl. The less said in the press the better!

  10. Pamela Holand says

    Keeping her family together and, willfully for the security and healthy development of her family, would probably be the most wise and loving change she could make for the healthy growth of her family. Fame in other matters she wants is fleeting! I am praying for the best for their family! Lovingly, your fan.

  11. Susan says

    Congratulations to Prince Harry accomplishments and would just love to see him but together something about the mental health issues in America and others in the world. This is a huge, huge problem in our society and opening up the conversation in the world would be a amazing miracle and very much appreciated in the world so they can not hide or want to and people stepping forward for help without judgement. He has discovered a amazing connection with the heart of man. We all need to WORK HARD on our health no matter the condition of its calling. AMAZING BEAUTIFUL HARRY…GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALWAYS…

  12. Hsrper says

    You and most media take any opportunity to bash Markle. You never deemed her as worthy of Harry simply because she is biracial. Your column is full of “[it has been reported” is how u slander her without evidence. You blame her for everything that happened to Harry as if he is a mindless simpleton. Your article disgust me. You are profiteering off lies u have made up.

    1. Milly says

      I agree that the media is having a field trip on all this! As for Megan Markle , I think she is not worthy to be a member of the Royal family and being biracial has nothing to do with it. She lacks the dignity , class and of course Britishness. She didn’t even try to understand British culture belittling all that’s tradition and respect, ( see the mocking curtsy and medieval banquets comments etc., etc.

  13. Franklin says

    I think she played Harry for her own personal gains and making sure she had children from him gave her more of a guarantee of so.e control of him and finances, She new what she was doing but alot of people saw her for what she was ,Harry was blinded by love we all been there ,I’m sure Harry will be Is embraced by his family over time . He can move on back to wear he was belongs and was happy, good luck Harry time to heal

  14. […] dream to represent top brands in ambassadorship deals is not coming as easily as she would have […]

  15. Angela says

    My comment got deleted. What l said was the Press should be nice and careful what they say about Harry and Meghan because they have kids who are affected by the things they hear. Saying their mom is trlling others things that she isn’t can be damaging to the ki5. Of course your mom and dad love each other bit the drama back in England is also stressful do distance helps not from Harry nut the Royal drama.

  16. Audette says

    Of course she thinks that, her gold digger disrespectful no talent butt got what she wanted. Again she git everything she wanted. Poor Harry lost everything because of her.

  17. Brenda says

    Harry and Megan are better off without certain royals and defiantly better off with people who have never met or spoken nor will they ever yet they set in judgement. Real Christian people lol! Sorry I do 1/4 of what the British so called news is posting!. I give Harry and Meg kudos for holding these head high and not.bothering to stand up to the press. Good for them. At least someone in the royals is hum le and not full of themselves!! Folks go sweep your door before u take on others! My prayers, love and care goes out to Harry and Meg.

  18. Pat Stephens says

    Megan comes across like a gold digger and very insecure. It has nothing to do with her being biracial like a lot of people try to make it, she is a self absorbed selfish young lady. She has played Harry like a fiddle and separated him from his royal family, it is a sad situation to say the least.

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