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Royal Family News: Who Gets Prince Harry & Meghan’s Kids After Divorce, The Answers Will SHOCK YOU

British royal family news shows that rumors of a divorce between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are hotter than the heat dome blanketing much of the US.

Harry has been accused of sleeping in a private hotel room to escape Meghan, and Meghan just pulled two moves that scream she is moving on from Harry.

First, she signed up, by herself, to WME talent agency, and second, she made a point of parading herself out shopping last week, all by her lonesome. Actually, she took her dog, her kids and Harry were nowhere to be seen.

All of the divorce rumors has social media on fire with speculation about what happens if the Markle kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lili, get caught up in a custody war. There are fascinating scenarios that could play out and you definitely want to know how the monarchy fits into the picture.

Royal Family News: Harry’s Kids Belong to Monarchy?

RadarOnline reports that Harry and Meghan are spending time apart in order to make things right between them after months of hideous public behavior that has made them social and familial pariahs.

A source said: “They’re trying to figure out what hit them. Harry doesn’t fit in Meghan’s tacky Tinseltown world” and he’s hoping to “find himself.” Good luck with that. But a source close to the couple told Page Six that everything is coming up roses for the Markles.

Royal Family News: Harry and Meghan Divorce?

However, the fact is that in the last few weeks they were dropped by Spotify (who called them “f****** grifters”), Rolling Stone declared them lost, and they were mocked for allegedly making up a crazy car chase in NYC that never happened. It’s no wonder people are speculating on the expiration date of the traitors’ marriage.

Royal Family News: Harry and Meghan Custody War?

Page Six commenters were quick to dissect the scenario of what happens to Archie and Meghan if their parents divorce.

One poster said: “a friend from the UK who is into all this royal stuff … said if they split up, determination of who gets the kids could be determined by and old royal family “law” that states whose “loins” the children came from.” They went on to refer to rumors that Meghan did not carry the kids “so even if the DNA is hers, but she didn’t actually give birth to them, they are not in line to the throne and are not the jurisdiction of the Crown… If she DID carry them and give birth to them, even if the DNA is NOT hers, they are still in line to the thrown and come under the jurisdiction of the Crown and the Crown can demand they be returned to the UK.”

A second person agreed with this take by saying “I had read, when Charles and Diana were divorcing, the jurisdiction of the Crown could come into play, stating that the Queen was the guardian of William and Harry.”

Another source alleges that “If the children are royal then monarchy/state owns them” and because the kids have royal titles one assumes they are royal.

And even more bizarre is this response: “The way Harry described his children’s births in the book are actually medically impossible. I know they both are prone to lying but I would’ve thought they’d do their due diligence given most women who have given birth or people with medical training know certain elements are impossible. He says that during Archie’s birth he inhaled the nitrous oxide himself ‘from the can’ because he was nervous and Meg and nurse laughed. This is not only illegal by stealing hospital drugs but also the laughing gas is plumbed into the walls at Portland hospital so women giving birth don’t run out so not even in a can.”

Stay with us royal fans because it gets even more interesting: “Meghan said her doctor would only work in Portland hospital which is also untrue as royals have private doctors who can work at whichever hospital they choose.

She said on Netflix she couldn’t do a walkabout because of the emergency department, but Portland doesn’t even have an ED. Andrew and Fergie did a walkabout there for their daughter. The book also includes Meghan eating fajitas before birth (you can only eat ice chips before birth in case it turns into surgery), M getting epidural then getting into a bath to give birth to Archie. You cannot move after epidural.”

There is also talk that royal doctors refused to sign off on Archie’s birth certificate, making the whole sordid mess even more bizarre.

Still, one cheerful person preferred to see the silver lining, writing: “Tyler Perry is still her Sugar Daddy, no?”
Royal fans, tell us what you think about the mysterious futures that could befall Harry and Meghan’s children!

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  1. Kathy says

    I like reading up on royals, it’s good reading about how different their life style is from us poor country folks! What they spend on clothes n dinner would feed,clothe,our kids. N they think they got it bad! Wow!they should come to my world in ky,for 24hrs n see just how good they have it. Just saying.

  2. Gee masson says

    Presumably if the monarchy, the royals etc don’t like black people then how they going to be anyway partial to those children. Don’t they know that Meghan Markle is definitely biracial and so are her children and isn’t that something that they didn’t want in the Kingdom.? Now let’s get it straight . What’s the real reason or reasons that the kingdom did not want to accept Meghan?

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