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Royal Family News: Will Meghan Markle Divorce Prince Harry After The Pandemic Ends?

Meghan MarkleBritish royal family news reveals that at least two major UK official oddsmakers are betting that Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry will announce that they are expecting a mini prince or princess before the year is out. That would be great news but alongside that rumor is rampant speculation about when and if Harry reconciles with the family he dumped in order to join Meghan on a greedy quest to make money in America.

Opinion Is Divided As To Whether Or Not Harry And His Family Reconcile

The alleged rift between Prince Harry and his family have been fodder for the rumor mill ever since he dropped his Megxit bomb in effect telling the world that his family is so toxic that he can no longer stand to be on the same continent with them.

His revulsion for his family was expressed after he met and married his wife, Meghan Markle. Is it a coincidence that she also has dumped her family in the trough and walked away from them?

Meghan Markle Is Estranged From Her Family And Now Harry Is Too

Many think there is no coincidence involved here, that she was the factor behind Harry’s brash decision to jettison hearth and home.

But when it comes to squashing beef, what odds do royal watchers lay down? Royal biographer Robert Lacey wrote Battles of Brothers about the princes and he thinks there is a chance that these two will be close again.
But longtime royal watcher Ingrid Seward believes otherwise telling the Mirror, “You never know with family relationships. Sometimes it becomes more of an effort to try and repair it than it is just to leave it as it is. I rather doubt that they will ever get back to how they used to be. I really don’t think so. I think that’s probably a broken relationship.”

Royal Watchers Are Divided On The Chances Of William And Harry Mending Their Fence

In fact, Ingrid does think there is a scenario in which the bros could rebound, but it is a rather ghastly one. She says, “I think perhaps if something happened to Catherine or Meghan, the boys would be together again. But as long as their ladies are there and their families are there. If there was an awful tragedy, it would bring them together, but otherwise, I don’t think that relationship will be mended. But that is a really personal point of view, and I might not be right.”

At least one other royal watcher thinks this could be the case. Aubrey Hansen of writes, “While absolutely no one would want there to be a tragedy or something to happen to any of them, I feel that Prince Harry only reconciles with his family if and when Meghan Markle becomes a non-factor.”

She goes on to write, “going by Meghan’s track record, I believe that once the pandemic blows over and things return to normal somewhat, we’ll see Prince Harry become surplus to requirements. At that point, he probably returns home with his ego battered and bruised.”

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  1. Jezz says

    Totally agree. He obviously loves Megan. We don't really know what is going on in their private life but when a partner is displaying Harry's obvious signs of stress/discomfort it's time to step back and give them whatever support they need. It's not sustainable for him to keep giving without fracture. It's not my place to tell them what to do but if Harry was someone I loved I would say for the sake of yourself and your family calm down. You can't fix the world if you are breaking or broken.

  2. Guest says

    Totally agree with your thoughtful analysis.

  3. Guest says

    Once corona lifts they will be distracted by travel and work, that will make or break the relationship.

  4. dustycat says

    I for one absolutely agree with you catenohate. i wish. they could be left alone , its the
    news writers that will break them up [ if the does happen ]let them live their life the way they want too .you only live once !!!.

  5. Guest says

    No way is his mistress the third rate actress going to set him free until she gets the life sucked out of him, won’t be long by the looks of him his eyes are already dead and face is so sour it puts lemons to shame. The mistress will hold onto Archie in leverage to keep him in the states, but Archie is supposedly to be his? He has every right to take Archie back to Britain if he wants the bitch c annotate stop him,

  6. dustycat says


  7. Guest says

    I didn’t think they would make it this long! She wanted a title and easy money. I feel bad for Harry. When he wakes up and realize what they done to his family

  8. dustycat says

    shes not his mistress ,shes his wife .

  9. dustycat says

    I agree , Why do some people have to call others names ,just goes to show what they are really like ,

  10. dustycat says

    Yes why do some people call others names ?just goes to show who they are Nasty ,and to call Megan his mistress is so awful.[make's me wonder where they comes from ????.

  11. Guest says

    I agree too. Why do people feel they can just interfere in their live and spread rumors. They came to America to get away from that crap…leave them alone.

  12. Guest says

    Why is it be necessary to call Megan ugly names, it shows how ignorant you are?

  13. dustycat says

    Me two .

  14. dustycat says

    Its no wonder Megan has lost her baby ,she has to read all this hateful stuff people are writing about them .LEAVE THEM ALONE !!!.

  15. Guest says

    Harry being treated the same way Princesses Diane was! Let him have a life! And His brother is just like Charles.

  16. Guest says

    About time her Majesty get rid of all of those damaging the name of the Royals.Harry,Andrew,Megan should have been out a long time ago. Cut allowances etc and let them pay their way since they ruin the family. Garbage should been throw out long ago.

  17. Guest says

    She puts herself out there and then calls her camera guy, imagine wanting to be called only Duchess?? It says it all

  18. Guest says

    Narcissist at her best! She is delusional

  19. Guest says

    Media hogs must be front and center spouting all the shit while they live high on the hog in their mansion while people are struggling to survive this trying time, just call me Meghan duchess of Sussex never markle again people of Sussex are so ashamed of having the Sussex name dragged through the mud but the diva markle

  20. Guest says

    Wow ! They wanted privacy then why be on social media all the time
    Your delusional

  21. Jezz says

    Their situation feels tragic and destructive. I would take no pleasure in having to witness their media frenzy divorce. For the sake of the child and all the sacrifices Harry has made to prove how much he loves Megan I hope it will work out for them. I hope they are able to find a mature, private, happy life. The key here is contentment, if they cannot find happiness in the enormous gifts life has already given them will they ever be satisfied and happy together or apart.

  22. SOS_Editor says

    I agree. They need to find a balance in life. Most time Harry looks sad.

  23. Guest says

    Then she should begin with her philandering son, Prince Charles and ugly Camilla. Theirs was the biggest mess. It tops all of them.

  24. dustycat says

    How do you know this about Megan ?did she tell you this is what she wants ????,

  25. Guest says

    I don't think that Harry and Meghan should be called royal because Meghan made Harry leave his family. I wish Harry would of never married Meghan she is nothing but a gold digger

  26. Guest says

    I think it’s NO ONE’s business but the couple themselves no matter what you heard , hear , think or what to put you 2cents in whether or not they asked for it !!! It’s toooo much drama for any of them . Ppl
    Just need to leave ppl alone but then money gets involved and the offer some money to get pics at you worst to make you look it and so ! That’s how the media plays it out !!! It’s a monster!! I wish you all the best and try your best to do the best that you can possibly achieve !!

  27. Guest says

    I believe the media should let the Royal families alone, no matter where they are living. Speculating hateful intent only makes the writer appear desperate to come up with copy, with no regard that there are no facts to back up the siliceous articles they write. 
    I am truly sorry that the word news has become a synonymous with manufactured scandal.

  28. Guest says

    If Megan divorces Harry because he loves his family that would mean she never loved him in the first place. That she had one hell of a plan and money was her ultimate goal. Sad thing is, this would not surprise many people.

  29. Guest says

    I think Harry Markle deserves everything he gets!

  30. Guest says

    Megan is cleary jealous of Kate, and rightfully so. Not only is Kate beautiful but when she smiles you can see how kind her soul is. Megan smiles and you see wickedness, even before we knew that side of her. Harry is so worried about history repeating itself but he need not worry about that, Megan will never come close to being what Diana was. I don't think Diana would approve of the spoiled brat she is. Wake up Harry, she didn't love you enough to stick it out. Now she has you where she wants you, stripped of everything and vulnerable! I wouldn't blame your family if the exiled you. Harry is a disgrace, how proud your late mother would be not to mention the rest of your family. Not only have you let them down but GB also!

  31. Guest says

    I can't believe what I'm hearing about these people.there are so many people have never had a thing but the a small home for their families and barely had food to eat and these two want handouts and they're announcing that their having another child. who wants to help support them..LOL their a major joke..LOL

  32. Guest says

    Megan is a social climber and she always seems to have her nose in the air!

  33. Guest says

    I’m happy to see Charles and Camilla finally happy. They deserve happiness. Her son was stuck. I doubt he ever wanted to marry Diana. They had absolutely nothing in common. It wasn’t just the age difference. She was also very insecure. She came from a very broken home. She was expecting magic, like the romance novels she read. I was a shame because the had 2 sons they both loved but they weren’t meant to be. She obviously cared deeply for the Pakistani doctor she was seeing…but it couldn’t work either.

  34. Guest says

    Harry ‘s wife cannot divorce in La, she’d have to go to England due to his diplomatic status which is why he doesn’t need to have citizenship

  35. Guest says

    Nut-Meg and Tag-Along should heed that advice…They walked away from both sides of the family …hers and his…Now shut up and get on with your life.Quit creating drama and trying to destroy your families. They sure are teaching their children great family values…They need to remember what you put out their comes back at you…So they have Noone to blame when their children treat them the way they treated their families…It's called the Karma Bus…

  36. Guest says

    She is a skanky tramp…a gold digger!!! a former call girl, (yacht girl), and a stripper, and heaven knows what else. Cannot stand her. The truth about her is coming out, and it is not hard to believe. She is an evil, awful woman…I fear for the children..if they are not taken from her soon, to safety and a proper upbringing, they are doomed to be brought up by her and to turn out like her…someone rescue them please!!!!!!

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