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The British Media Is Calling For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To Divorce

The British media has never made it a secret that they aren’t huge fans of Meghan Markle, but this might be a little too much.

There’s a new report that suggests some members of the Royal Rota are suggesting that Prince Harry should pull the plug on his marriage to Meghan Markle and come back to Britain full-time. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

The British Media Is Calling For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To Divorce

In her latest column for The Telegraph, Camila Tominey, who often has something to say about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, believes that the Duke of Sussex should be given a warm welcome when he comes back to London for King Charles’ Coronation in a few weeks.

Not only that, but she seems to be happy that Meghan Markle is not going to accommodate him for the festivities.

The British Media Is Calling For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To Divorce

Tominey puts it this way, “He’s the son of the King, the brother of a future king and the uncle of a future king. And although he may have done his best to destroy these familial ties, they still mean something over here. That’s why Britons have been so reluctant to write him off completely. Positive memories linger of the lad who was a good laugh before he completely fell under his wife’s spell.”

Tominey also suggests that Prince Harry should come home. And by that, she means permanently. She thinks that Harry would be better off divorcing Meghan Markle and leaving her behind in California to start a new life for himself again in Britain.

What’s Next For Harry And Meghan?

Tominey writes, “It’s reasonable to wonder, too, if Harry can make Britain a home again. Despite his recent penchant for spewing American psychobabble and his insistence that he is loving the LA lifestyle, it does look like he is lost in the States…The man who was once “our Harry” needs a purpose in life beyond attacking the media and his family. By giving him a warm welcome in three weeks’ time, Britain might be able to help him find it.”

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  1. Elizabeth says

    If Britain “gives Prince Pussy a warm welcome ” or expects his victims, ANYONE in the Royal Family is fair game to Asshole Harry including the children, to give him a warm welcome, forgive him, or even speak to or anywhere within earshot of him, providing material for his next book of poor, mistreated me LIES, then ALL of you deserve everything Meghan the Manipulater tells him to write about you!
    I do NOT like Charles – never have and I like Camilla even less. But Harry is a FOOL and one thing I detest more than anything are true idiots. Harry is the Prince of IDIOTS and I detest him and his bitch wife even more than I do Charles and Camilla and that’s a HUGE amount of detest.
    I very much admired Queen Elizabeth, she seemed fair but firm. I will NEVER understand what possessed her to allow that fool Charles to inherit a title she brought much dignity to and I’ll especially never understand her request that Camilla, of all people, be called Queen! Just gag me with a freaking spoon. All I can think is that maybe, due to her very advanced age, she was getting very tired and Charles wouldn’t stop begging Please, mummy, I need her. Or whatever, who knows! I know this, I’m rather enjoying all the turmoil in the future of the UK because it helps me stop thinking about the 3-ring circus leadership in the USA has become. I’m not sure which is worse, a pathological liar with the mental capacity of a very, very evil teenager or a bumbling old coward who can’t even wipe his own high class ass, he probably has ppaid ass wipers on staff….if he can’t lower himself to put his own toothpaste on, you can bet he’s not about to lower himself to wipe his nasty ass. Best I can tell, as of right now, both the US and the UK are pretty much screwed – just in different ways. By different men. For different reasons. But, screwed we are.

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