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The British Royal Family Has Had One Of Its Worst Weeks This Year

The British Royal Family has had one of its worst weeks they’ve seen this year. It seems like more things are going wrong for them than right, which is why so many people are calling for King Charles to step down and for the UK to abolish the monarchy once and for all. But will it happen? Here’s what you need to know.

The British Royal Family Has Had One Of Its Worst Weeks This Year

Just in the last week alone, it has been reported that King Charles won’t be investigated for selling UK citizenship to foreigners from places like Saudi Arabia. If that weren’t enough, Prince William also got slammed for not traveling to Australia for the Women’s World Cup Final.

While some people say that him traveling to Australia would have been against royal protocol, others say that he would have been there in a heartbeat if it were the men playing. 

The British Royal Family

Also, it’s also being said that King Charles is giving his little brother, Prince Andrew, a second chance.

This, despite the fact that he’s been accused of sexual assault and has had shady ties with disgraced but also dead financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Some people say that the Duke of York just refuses to go away while others say that King Charles just simply doesn’t know what to do with him and that’s why they are playing nice.

Well, it goes without saying that many royal fans and critics have had a lot to say about the matter online.

Some have commented with,The royal family truly serves no purpose to the UK in the 21st century. ‘But the tourism!’ I hear you cry. Well, the French beheaded all of their royals and they’re now the #1 tourist destination on Earth, (UK is #10) so if anything getting rid of them seems to help matters.”

Is It Time To Abolish The Monarchy?

Another royal critic pointed out, “They’re not doing themselves any favours. I used to be neutral on the subject of the monarchy but now I want them gone. Arrogant, entitled parasites, the lot of them!”

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