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UK Outrage Over London Mayor’s Snub Of The Queen’s Statue For Transexual Prostitute Art

British royal family news shows that Labour Party Mayor Sadiq Khan rejected a statue of Queen Elizabeth, monarch for seven decades, in favor of an art installation largely made up of the faces of transgender prostitutes.

The project is scheduled for Trafalgar Square and features hundreds of monochromatic human faces.

Royal Family News – What Is Mayor Sadiq Khan Thinking?

Today the mayor of London is under fire from those who claim he rejected an art installation “memorializing Queen Elizabeth II in Trafalgar Square in favor of an art piece showcasing hundreds of transgender prostitutes, local media reports show.”

Fox News reports that the controversial art cost is over £1 million and features “Fourth Plinth installations in the city’s famed Trafalgar Square for 2026 and 2028.”

UK Outrage Over London Mayor's Snub Of Her Majesty’s Statue For Transexual Prostitute Art

According to the Express “Londoners had anticipated a statue of the late queen to be installed following her death in 2022.”

Instead, the government’s website reveals that an art installation featuring the “faces of 850 trans people, most of whom are sex workers,” will be erected in August and remain in place for six months.

Royal Family News – Queen Elizabeth’s Statue Rejected?

According to the mayor’s office, the art piece consists of plaster casts of transgender individuals’ faces and includes their “skin cells and hair.”

In what could be considered an odd decision, the entire piece is made to decay, leaving behind “a kind of anti-monument.” Leaving human skin and hair in public streets.

Royal Family News – New Art Will Decay on Purpose

The London government’s website proudly states that “The casts will be created together with trans communities. Plaster will be applied directly onto their faces. As such, not only will their features be recorded, the material will also become infused with their hair and skin cells. London’s weather, means the work will inevitably deteriorate and fade away, leaving a kind of anti-monument behind. This will continue to command attention and put a spotlight on participants whose lives are often overlooked.” Because melting their face in the street is the best way to honor someone.

Royal Family News – Labour Party Mayor Sadiq Khan Snubbed Queen Elizabeth?

According to Express, the installation of the plasters face artwork means that the earliest that a statue of the queen can be displayed is 2030.

After the furor, Khan’s office insisted that a statue of the UK’s longest serving regent is still feasible and told Fox News Digital that the mayor is not stalling the installation of a statue of the queen, and any suggestion of that is “false and misleading.”

Instead, he used time as a reason for neglecting the Queen’s statue, with a spokesperson for him telling Express “The Mayor wants to ensure we have a fitting memorial to our longest serving monarch.”

The outlet reported that conservative candidate Susan Hall, who is running against Khan in the May mayoral election criticized Khan’s choice and will remove “woke art” if elected to office.

Tell us royal fans, which would you rather fund and see, rotting art made of skin and hair or a permanent tribute to Queen Elizabeth?

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