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Who REALLY Paid For Prince Harry’s Hotel In UK?

Prince Harry just returned to the United States after visiting the Royal Family in the UK for a whole 24 hours.  King Charles has cancer and Kate Middleton just had emergency surgery, he had to pop in to England to save face and not look like a monster who didn’t care about his family. 

But, Prince Harry’s hotel accommodations have perplexed Royal Family followers.  Keep reading for all the details and more Royal Family news and updates.

The Royal Family owns dozens of properties in and around London, most of them are not even being lived in and are still fully staffed. 

We’re sure King Charles, Prince William, or even Uncle Andy has a spare bedroom Harry could have crashed in while he was visiting his family and checking on his dad.  But, instead Prince Harry made headlines because he opted to check in to a hotel.

Who REALLY Paid For Prince Harry's Hotel In UK?

Prince Harry Paid His Own Bill

Apparently, jet-setting Prince Harry knew that staying in a hotel would raise eyebrows and make the headlines.  But, the Duke of Sussex did it intentionally because he wanted to prove to his family that he didn’t need them and could pay for his own trip to the UK.

According to New York Post, “Harry reportedly stayed at a luxe London hotel during his one-night getaway, rather than staying with family at one of their many royal residences peppered across the country.  And according to Charles’ former butler Grant Harrold, the duke decided to stay at a hotel to show the royal family that he is capable of “supporting himself” financially.”

Was Hotel Publicity Stunt A Scam

How much did Prince Harry REALLY pay for his hotel stay?  Let’s be honest, do you think the Duke of Sussex walked in to any hotel in London and they actually billed him. 

Isn’t he basically a Kardashian in London, doesn’t every where in the UK comp the Royals’ bills?  It’s pretty ironic that he wanted to prove he was finally stable by paying his own hotel bill.  Did the hotel actually bill him though?

Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Royal Family news and updates.

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  1. Betty says

    No I don t believe he was billed but of course he ‘ll lie and say he did and blame the RF for not offering him a place to stay. So sick and tired of them playing the victim, the sad Ginger Boy attitude that his so much more importantl than anyone else. They are very calculated and makes sure they are in the news. It’s time for,them to stops this drama and move on.

  2. Marie says

    Since a few minutes was all that could be devoted to his visit, entirely likely no invite was extended without advanced notice . He is only the son, not a working royal.

  3. Giovina says

    Who do they think they are demanding the king to pay for the families security megain has said she will never put foot on uk soil again so accept that forever when children may visit without her but l don’t think she will let that happen and as for Harry why does his father now king hav to apologise to him/them. They are the principal problem. The royals do not need them to help out can you imagine the demands they would have if they were made to feel their necessity to help the royals. They the royals will survive it’s only a couple of months and Catherine will b back and if and when the king steps down or else william Will becomes king – and that’s what ginge and winge are afraid of every thing will go on again as usual. H and m are not needed after all the hurt and lies the have told. Be rid of them forever and even the king passes on. Hope megain doesn’t show her face then. Poor King Charles with this dilemma right now moreso than general times

  4. Erika Overbye says

    For heavens sake we are all tired of the Harry and Megan garbage. Those two publicity hounds hounds are a disgrace and we should not play their game.
    That disgusting pair should be Ignored forthwith.Queen Elisabeth rest in peace God Save King Charles.

  5. Glo says

    Isn’t King Charles over the children. The parents will have to ask him.

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