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Prince Harry Mocked For Being A ‘Burger King’ Royal

Yikes. Things are definitely not looking good for Prince Harry. The internet roasted the Duke of Sussex for his surprise appearance at the NFL Honors ceremony in Las Vegas.

Even though the royal family back in the UK is in crisis mode, Prince Harry thought it would be a good idea for him to party alongside some of the biggest stars in the NFL. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Mocked For Being A ‘Burger King’ Royal

Many of Prince Harry’s critics took to X (formerly Twitter) to slam the Duke of Sussex for his appearance, as some think that it’s beneath a royal like him to be a presenter at an event like NFL honors.

Some are even calling him a “rent a clown” and adding,He does weddings, bar mitzvah, award shows, he’ll even open up a new Burger King for the right price.”

Prince Harry Mocked For Being A ‘Burger King’ Royal

Yikes. That definitely sounds harsh. Some people think that the Duke of Sussex should just stop with all of the celebrity appearances and go back to the UK where he was doing more serious work with the royal family.

Other comments included, You’d think such a huge award, they’d of picked someone associated to, or who supports the NFL. I don’t think we’ve H at a game yet. We’ve had Soccer, Basketball, Hockey… he’s clearly working his way round,” along with, “His grandfather would be very frustrated/angry w/Harry and his grandmother would be disappointed and sad. Time to take ALL his titles & remove him from the LoS.”

Royal Family News – Is Prince Harry Degrading Himself?

Another critic wrote, “I think he wanted to make himself important by the express visit to UK to remind peasants of his Royal connections. WTF does he has to do with American football? Royal for rent.”

And then there was this comment as well: I am not American nor have I ever watched American football but it seems quite ugly to me that an award about American football comes from a foreign man who has nothing to do with that sport. Couldn’t they get a retired player?”

So far Prince Harry himself has not made any comments about the matter.

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  1. Betty says

    Harry has become the,laughing stock, the clown of the world. Not just the celebrities in Hollywood mocking him. Its everywhere he goes. His fallen so far into the gutter by listening and pleasing Megan he has no sense of direction of who he is or what he wants.He doesn t realize that Megan in trying to destroy the RF, she’s also destroying him and what will he have when she moves,on to her next victim. He ‘ll have nothing. No family and no country. It’s really sad. I hope he ‘ll wake upand realize what,he has lost before it’s to late if it’s not already lost.

  2. Linda says

    You people are ridiculous damn if he does damn if he doesn’t. Just let it go!!! Let the man be!!! Why do you care what he does? He’s happy and has a beautiful family just let him go on with his life period. Stop criticizing everything he does!

  3. Bonita says

    I think he wants to be exposed African American men. After all, his wife is Black.

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