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Wild Royal Family Predictions For 2022, Prince Andrew And Fergie Remarry?

Andrew And FergieBritish royal family news shows that as the New Year begins, so do the predictions for 2022. The predictions as to how the royals will fare and what they will encounter have started to flow like bubbly into glass flutes and we have all the skinny for you here.

Royal Family News – What Will The Royals Do In 2022?

New Idea has gone out on a limb to prognosticate the New Year and included Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Sarah Ferguson.

Unfortunately for the queen the outlet thinks she will have further health issues to contend with in 2022. But the bright spot for the year is the monarch’s Platinum Jubilee so this will be a focus to reach for. It marks 70 years on the throne and she is he first royal to accomplish such a magnificent feat.

Royal Family News: The Queen Celebrates 70 Years

Additionally, an astrologer predicts that the queen could decide to abdicate her position and give the reigns to Charles who has been standing in the wings his entire life. She turns 96 in 2022—this may be a very hard reality to face.

And then there are the golden couple, the real jewelsin the royal crown, Prince William and Kate Middleton. The astrologer predicts that they will come into sharper focus in 2022.

They call the couple, “Modern, approachable, engaging – enticing a new breed of supporters with the hidden agenda to gain strength for the monarchy, rather than the undertones of political and public displeasure of a ruling monarch. This places enormous pressure on Kate and Wills.”

Royal Family News – What Happens To The Monarchy In 2022?

And what of the royal runaways, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? The astrologist thinks they will not repen , turn a new leaf or seek to apologize for all the ghastly things they have said and done in what looks like a bid to undermine the monarchy. Surprise—not.

Talk has arisen as to whether or not they will get off their California couch and attend the queen’s Platinum Jubilee or whether the monarch will even want them there—will they grab an invite?

Egads, the astrologist thinks the thirsty pair will turn on each other within the next two years, drift apart and could wind up in a messy divorce. Who gets custody of the chickens?

As for Fergie she may be compelled to testify against Prince Andrew. But, get this—she and Andrew the Duke York could remarry in 2022. Why not, they’re already living together?

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