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Judge Judy Allegedly Guilty Of Snubbing Loyal Bailiff Petri Hawkins Byrd – Here’s Why!

Judge JudyJudge Judy Sheindlin faces allegations of snubbing her loyal bailiff, Petri Hawkins Byrd not just once but twice. Byrd has stated that he viewed Judge Judy as not just an employer but a friend.

But now the long-time “Judge Judy” show bailiff admits to feeling shocked by Sheindlin’s actions. Find out why Byrd feels so upset below.

Judge Judy Allegedly Shocks Daytime Emmy Staff With Snub!

During the Daytime Emmy Awards in 2019, Judge Judy received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Now, however, the judge’s bailiff, Petri Hawkins Byrd, has told the Insider what happened leading up to that award ceremony.

Prior to the Daytime Emmy Awards, Byrd learned from the show’s staff members that they had assumed he would receive a request to give Judge Judy her award. But that expectation did not happen. Instead, to the surprise of the Emmy Award staffers, Byrd allegedly got snubbed. 

And the issues didn’t stop there. In addition, Byrd revealed that he did not get invited to sit with his long-time employer and supposed friend during the ceremony. Sheindlin and her executive producer, Randy Douthit, sat together near the stage. But in contrast to their seating, Byrd got moved about 10 rows behind her with the producers. 

Ultimately, Amy Poehler rather than Judge Judy’s loyal bailiff presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Sheindlin. “So that gives you an idea of, when you talk about slight, that gives you an idea,” said Byrd about the disappointment.

However, Judge Judy claimed that Amy Poehler had directly called the Television Academy about the award. During that phone call, Amy requested to be chosen to present Judge Judy with the honor. Amy “is a huge fan,” said Sheindlin.

But Byrd offered a different take on the situation. Judge Judy’s bailiff revealed that when he saw Poehler some weeks later, she seemed baffled by the fact that he did not present Sheindlin with the award. 

Did Judge Judy Snub Her Bailiff In New Show Plans?

In addition to the Daytime Emmy Awards alleged slight, Byrd also reportedly did not receive an invitation to appear with Judge Judy on her new show.  “Judy Justice” began recently on IMDb TV. And the development and airing of the show allegedly came as a shock to Judge Judy’s bailiff.

Byrd revealed that he knew nothing about “Judy Justice” before Sheindlin announced her new show during an appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show.” The bailiff made his disappointment clear, as well as revealing how the alleged snubs change his feelings about his relationship with Sheindlin.

“I’ve never slighted her — I’ve always thought of her as a friend. And she’s said it before that we’re friends,” revealed Byrd. “I’m like, then I guess I’d have to ask you to define your definition of friend. It might be a little different from mine.”

What do you think about the allegations that Judge Judy snubbed her bailiff at the Daytime Emmy Awards and omitted him from her new show? Share your views with us. And then check back on our site for all the celebrity news and updates!

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