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Matthew McConaughey Talks Gun Protocol Following ‘Rust’ Shooting

Matthew McConaughEy“There´s a safety protocol, and if it´s followed, it can be safe on set,” Matthew McConaughey said in a Thursday, October 28 interview with AFP where he discussed the tragic gun accident involving Alec Baldwin on the set of his new movie Rust.

As a result of the accident, a cinematographer lost her life and actor Alec Baldwin will not likely ever be the same.

Matthew McConaughey – Calls To Ban Firearms From Film Industry On Tt=he Rise

According to Geo News, calls to ban firearms in the film industry have increased since that fateful day and, to date, nearly 80,000 signatures have found their way onto a petition calling for the permanent removal of firearms from movie sets.


Source: Halyna Hutchins/Instagram

This came after the tragic shooting where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins lost her life on the set of Alec Baldwin’s low-budget western Rust.

Baldwin had fired the prop gun during a rehearsal for the movie and had been led to believe it was entirely safe.

The man that handed Alec the gun later told police that he had not fully checked the weapon for live rounds.

Describing the incident as a “horrible accident that could easily have not happened,” the award-winning actor said, adding, “I’ve been on many sets where I’m dealing with firearms. There is an understood protocol.”

Matthew McConaughey – On Film Sets ‘The Organization Is Incredible’

“When any firearm is handed from one person to another when it gets on set, there’s a means of communication.”

The Interstellar star went on to explain that “one of the beautiful things” about how things work on film sets was that “the organization is incredible.”

McConaughey added that, in this instance, someone “missed protocol.”

Per Geo News, the armorer responsible for the film said on Friday that she had no idea there were live rounds present.

Prosecutors have not yet ruled out criminal charges for the incident, including possible charges against Alec Baldwin who is not only the lead actor but a producer for the film.

Matthew McConaughey – ‘You Should Follow Protocol’

Careful not to lay blame on Baldwin, McConaughey said that he would have personally taken more steps to ensure the weapon was safe.

“You can’t over-confirm it.”

Those pushing for the firearms ban claim that the loud bang and flash of the muzzle can be added in post-production using modern technology.

Matthew stopped short of agreeing with those assumptions saying, “What do I think about that? I think you should follow protocol. And it should be non-negotiable.”

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