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Kevin Costner Teases Yellowstone Return

Is Kevin Costner returning to Yellowstone, or not?!  The John Dutton portrayer has been sending out mixed signals for months about a possible return to hit Paramount+ series.  Time is winding down for the actor to get on board before Yellowstone begins filming new episodes next month.  And, we are still just as confused as ever about his status at Yellowstone.

Last year the Yellowstone cast and crew got thrown for a loop during the Writer’s Guild strike.  At the last minute it was revealed that Season 5 would be split in to two parts.  And then another blow came, Kevin Costner’s negotiations fell through at the last minute and Yellowstone fans learned John Dutton would not appear in the new episodes.

After Yellowstone Season 5 Part A aired on the network without Kevin Costner, details got murky about his status at the popular show.

Kevin Costner Teases Yellowstone Return

Kevin Costner’s – Yellowstone Demands

A report from the industry newsletter Puck revealed then that “Costner detailed his demands for increased money, a reduced shooting schedule, and the right to review/approve/potentially veto every script. That was a no-go for Sheridan, who pens every episode.”

It sounds like Sheridan called Kevin Costner’s bluff.  The star probably thought the show wouldn’t go on without him, and it did. 

In fact the Yellowstone crew didn’t even take a look in the rearview mirror.  Now that they are preparing to film new episodes, it sounds like Costner is ready to renegotiate….again


Will Jack Dutton Return To Yellowstone

This week Costner told Entertainment Tonight that he wants to return to Yellowstone, but only is he is “comfortable with the terms of his contract. 

The Yellowstone actor explained, “I made five seasons of it, I thought I was going to make seven, but right now we’re at five. So how it works out — I hope it does — but they’ve got a lot of different shows going on.  Maybe this will circle back to me,and if it does and I feel really comfortable with it, I’d love to do it.”

Do you think Kevin Costner will ever return to Yellowstone?  Or will he continue playing hardball with the creators?  Do you miss Jack Dutton on the show?  Let us know in the comments below and keep checking back here for ore Yellowstone spoilers and updates.

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