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Savannah Chrisley’s 2024 Net Worth Revealed

Savannah Chrisley‘s 2024 net worth has been revealed. The Chrisley Knows Best alum is responsible for her parents’ legal fees and her siblings, Chloe and Grayson Chrisley. She was granted temporary guardianship before Todd and Julie Chrisley entered jail for tax evasion and bank fraud. Fans wonder how their daughter isn’t running out of money. Read on to learn more.

Savannah Chrisley’s Money Woes

Some fans want to know how Savannah Chrisley is coping with money. She quietly gave up her Sassy by Savannah cosmetic brand. She is only making money from her Unlocked podcast.

This question was brought up on Reddit. Some fans have doubts that she’s making more money than she claims. The legal fees will take a hit on her income. Other fans took to the thread to share their thoughts.

Savannah Chrisley's 2024 Net Worth Revealed

“I’m sure she just walks over to Todd’s hidden vault that’s stacked with millions of dollars in cash from his crimes. She’ll be fine,” one fan noted.

“She got paid from the TV show since she was a teen,” another user argued.

“And there might be residuals. I just hope Todd and Julie aren’t getting paid residuals or if they are, they’re being garnished. Something tells me, though, that Todd manages to put all of this in Savannah’s name or his mom’s name to avoid taxes or garnishment,” a third user wrote.

Savannah Chrisley doesn’t have the money and freedom to travel wherever she wants, whenever she wants. However, she’s not as broke as she claims.

As some fans noted, she still lives in a masion. She might make less than she’s used to, but it’s not like she’s struggling.

Savannah Chrisley’s 2024 Net Worth Revealed

One fan purchased the Sassy by Savannah website. They revealed Savannah Chrisley’s 2024 net worth. She inherited $15 million from Todd and Julie Chrisley. The reality star lost that money from lavish purchases and gambling.

Like her family, Savannah has a spending and gambling habit. She was known as a high-end poker player at one point. Her reported 2024 net worth is $5 million.

However, Celebrity Net Worth claims she only has an estimated net worth of $500,000, which is a stark difference. That could be because her estimated debt is $1.27 million.

Savannah Chrisley’s debt is from her poor financial decisions, mortgage, credit cards, banks, and her parents’ ongoing legal battle.

She’s dealing with many lawsuits with creditors. It’s unclear how Savannah will remove herself from this situation.

She does have real estate investments that could help her earn back some of that money. What are your thoughts on Savannah Chrisley’s 2024 net worth? Do you think she’s broke? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Danny Haney says

    I think Todd and Julie should have got the max 30 years apiece.And her daughter savannah should be right alone in there with them because she’s using their money for her businesses and to travel all over the world

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