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Outlander Star Sam Heughan Expresses Vote Of Confidence For Prequel Blood Of My Blood

Outlander spoilers, news, and updates tease that its prequel, Blood of My Blood, will be more successful than the current show. That’s according to Sam Heughan, the lead star playing Jamie Fraser.

Outlander – Blood Of My Blood To Outdo Outlander

Outlander is bound to end after Season 8, but fans have something new to look forward to in the

Outlander Universe—Its Prequel Titled Blood Of My Blood.

In a recent interview with Radio Times, Sam Heughan expressed his vote of confidence in the forthcoming series. Given the legacy that Outlander has built over the years, particularly in Scotland, Sam predicts that the prequel will be as successful as its predecessor, if not more.

Sam Heughan

“It’s created so many jobs in Scotland, so many people have been employed. I’m sure the new show will be just as successful, if not more so,” he shared.

He recalled how they started in an empty land in Scotland, which has been transformed in a huge facility and filming site and provided many jobs to the locals.

Outlander – What Is Blood Of My Blood All About?

Blood of My Blood tells the story of Jamie’s parents, Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie. The details are quite limited, but in general, it’s about love.

“Outlander: Blood of My Blood is, at its heart, a love story. It will explore what lengths a person will go to find love in a time when love is considered a luxury, and when marriages are made strategically, often for political or financial gain,” showrunner Matthew B. Roberts explained, per TV Insider.

Matthew B. Roberts also teased that fans will see familiar names and faces. Some possibilities include Ellen’s siblings, Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy), Dougall (Graham McTavish), and Colum MacKenzie (Gary Lewis).

The family confidant Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) is also possible to appear, given that he has affection for Ellen.

Outlander – Will Sam Heughan Appear In The Prequel?

Outlander: Blood of My Blood focus on Jamie’s parents in their youth, so Sam thinks it may be challenging to fit his character, but he says, “Never say no.”

In the world of TV, anything is possible, and the show has lots of surprises, so he might appear in some capacity. With the time travel aspect of the show, it’s also possible for Claire (Catriona Balfe) to appear and make a connection between Jamie and his parents.

Outlander: Blood of My Blood received the green light in August last year. Meanwhile, Outlander Season 7 is currently airing, with the filming for the latter half yet to begin.

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