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See Which “Game Of Thrones” Spinoffs Were Deleted From Its Producer’s Website

It seems that excitement around the numerous planned “Game of Thrones” spinoffs did not catch as expected, and the studio behind their development has decided to axe a few. Here’s what we know about all the spinoffs’ fates.

Several “Game of Thrones” Spinoffs Reportedly “Shelved”

Before it was announced that several “Game of Thrones” spinoffs have been “shelved,” there were two “Game of Thrones” spinoff in production and six more in “development.” We’re yet to learn what caused the cancellation of these shows, but we might have a clue as to which ones are staying or going.

Thanks to producer Vince Gerardis of the company Startling, Inc. Gerardis’ website keeping an updated list of shows in development, we’ve learnt that these “shelved” shows might very well be “Nine Voyages of the Sea Snake” and “Ten Thousand Ships.” Why? They’ve been removed from the development list.

Game Of Thrones

An archived version of the website shows that several spinoffs have gone missing from the “development column” over the last few months, and yes it sadly includes two of the most prominent ones that fans are anticipating.

One of them is “Nine Voyages of the Sea Snake” – George R.R. Martin blogged that it was originally called “Nine Voyages” before it was changed to “The Sea Snake.” It would have taken place before the events we saw in “House of the Dragon” and explore the life of a young Corlys Velaryon – played on the show by Steven Toussaint.

The other “shelved” one is “Ten Thousand Ships” – a prequel that takes us as far back as a thousand years before the events that transpired in “The Game of Thrones.” It will open at the height of the Valyrian empire – Danaerys’ dragon-riding ancestors and would have followed the people of Rhoynish.

Rhoynish is made up of river-dwelling people who have magical powers over water. They fled their home in Essos when threatened by dragons and resettled in Dorne, the southernmost of the Seven Kingdoms.

Three other works of Martin have been removed from the Startling list as well, including “Ice Dragon” and “Sandkings.” Both would have been based on novellas of the same name. “Wildcards” was among those taken off the list – Martin co-writes the series with several other authors.

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