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Sterling K. Brown Talks “This Is Us” Ending

Sterling K. Brown As “This Is Us” approaches its end, Sterling K. Brown looks to the future and how he can use his storytelling skills to benefit cancer survivors and spotlight their survival stories in a new partnership.

This Is Us Spoilers – Sterling K. Brown Promises A “This Is Us” Ending That Sticks The Landing

Sterling K. Brown hopes that the NBC comedy and family-drama will not get the treatment that HBO’s “Game of Thrones” finale got. The sixth season of “This Is Us” has been much talked about by fans, who are anticipating the series finale with anxious energy, and Brown is promising that it won’t disappoint.

“This is not to throw shade to [Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss], but after I watched the finale of Game of Thrones, I said to Dan Fogelman, ‘Dan, we gotta do better. We gotta stick the landing,’ Brown shared with E! News in an interview to promote his partnership with Bristol Myers Squibb’s Survivorship Today. “He’s like, ‘We will stick the landing.'”

“I think it would be hard for us to do worse, and I’m saying that as a fan,” Brown, 45, continued. “I’m saying that as a fan of what was one of the greatest television shows in history, it failed to stick the landing. We will do better.”

Given that Brown, who plays Randall Pearson, one of the main characters in the series, already knows how the upcoming series ends, we’re inclined to believe him. The show’s creator Dan Fogelman has reportedly already planned out the ending for many years and some scenes from the series finale have already been shot.

Of course Brown couldn’t clue us in on what we can expect from the ending, but he did share that there will be sad times that’ll make fans cry and happy times to make us laugh so hard.

“Our show has always been about the resiliency of humanity. It was originally pitched to me as a drama, and I think the reason people call it a weeper is because you have to have some really lovely highs in order to feel the lows, [so] you’re going along with the Pearsons and then all of a sudden, the rug comes out from underneath you,” Brown explained. “They say, ‘Oh man, that show keeps me crying all the time,’ but they fail to realize that right before that cry happened, you might have had a chuckle or two. The show will continue to be what it is all the way up through the end.”

Sterling K. Brown On What His “This Is Us” Character Will Deal With In This Series Finale

Randall has had his share of depressing and happy times in equal measure, and while we wish the character finds “peace”, there’s no one who wants it for him more than Brown.

“Randall has been haunted for such a long time by the idea of being perfect, and having to be perfect in order to be loved and in order to be of value. That’s a very hard place to maintain any semblance of balance and sanity,” he shared. “So I think more than anything else, especially after completing this last chapter of his story…I think if he has a sense of wholeness with himself, and that he’s able to share a whole person with his beautiful wife and his beautiful children and his beautiful children and his beautiful family, that’s my greatest hope for Randall.”

As for how Brown takes the show finally coming to an end, he admitted that a lot of emotions are involved.

“I think there’s gonna be a lot of emotions that we’re all having as we move towards this sixth and final season, as we come towards the end. It’s been such a wondrous journey,” he said. “I mean, truly, when you get a chance to work with people who you care about, as individuals, not just as artists, but you know that they’re going to be a part of your life forever, you’re gonna miss the story, but they’re still going to be a part of your life.”

Brown is also proud of the range of representation that the show was able to include: “There’s so many things that we’ve touched on, and have tried to, in a very conscious way, create a landscape where everyone can see themselves and recognize that they belong in the tapestry of storytelling,” he said. “I’m excited to bring it to an end, because I know we’ve been building towards something this whole time.”

This Is Us – Sterling K Brown Discusses Life after “This Is Us”

Brown’s future includes lending his distinctive voice and storytelling experience to real-life stories as a result of his partnership with Bristol Myers Squibb for a program called Survivorship Today.

The online series will see him narrating the stories of people living with long-term cancer.

“The reason why I got involved was because I had [an] uncle, my mom’s brother, my dear Uncle Sonny, who passed away in 2004 from cancer, and it was about six months to the day of his diagnosis that he was taken from us, and it was a very devastating thing for myself and my entire family,” he explained. “So the very fact that we’re talking about living long term with cancer, 16 or 17 years later, is awesome in and of itself.”

“There’s fear of relapse, there are physical, psychological, mental, spiritual changes that you have gone through, so living with it now is about adjusting to a new normal,” he continued. “So Survivorship Today is basically a series of stories where cancer survivors can go and hear and understand that they are not alone, and bear witness to other people who are going through what they are going through right now.”

Brown’s experience narrating the survival stories has changed his perspective about life and the kind of projects he wants to be involved in in the future.

“This Is Us” will return on NBC in 2022.

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