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Stranger Things Season 5 Might Feature A Key Character’s Death

Stranger Things Season 5 is about to start filming in June/May 2023, and fans already have a theory for who could die. Season 4 hit Netflix on May 27, 2022, and fans loved every bit, from the new characters to unfortunate deaths that left them shaken, including the metalhead Eddie Munson.

The final season, as revealed by the makers, will see the key characters get a much-deserved ending with connections derived from Season 1. But who is this main cast fans feel will die in the upcoming season? Keep reading to find out the details!

Stranger Things Spoilers – The Penultimate Season Landed On Netflix In Two Volumes.

The first volume saw Fred, Chrissy, and Patrick as the victims of the upside-down monster Vecna, while Volume 2 showcased Jason, Eddie, and Dr. Brenner as they failed to survive. With Max slipping into a coma, fans were left heartbroken by all the deaths they saw in Season 4. Now, they are wondering who could be the next victim of the upside-down world and Vecna.

Stranger Things

Fans examined the details of Seasons 1 going all the way to 4, concluding that Will might be the one who bids adieu to his friends in the fifth and final season. Will has been central to the story ever since he established a connection with Vecna in Season 1.

Moreover, his characteristic traits don’t really portray him as the survivor kind. So, unless Eleven picks up the mantle and gives her all in to save Will from Vecna’s wrath, it is impossible for Will to survive the final season.

Stranger Things Spoilers – Will Can Be Described As Someone Who Is Intelligent And Loyal Yet Too Kind To Survive In The Brutal Stranger Things World.

Although fans hope he won’t die in the final season, these clues state otherwise. His feelings for Mike, too, might take a toll on his decisions in the final chapter. Plus, if you take a look at the romantic partners, almost every one of Will’s friends has one. While Mike is in love with Eleven, Lucas and Max are figuring things out (which is at a halt until/if Max comes out of the coma).

Moreover, Dustin also has a romantic partner, Suzie, who was introduced in the third season and was a recurring character in the latest season.

With no romantic partner, the writers would most likely make a hero out of Will Byers as he puts an end to Vecna. But we sure hope that doesn’t happen, and the group together kills Vecna without any bloodshed.
So, do you think Will Byers could die in Stranger Things Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments, and check back with us for more on Stranger Things!

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