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The Good Doctor Cancellation Sparks Debate Over Autism Portrayal!

The Good Doctor news and updates reveal the cancellation of the popular TV show. But news that ABC cancelled the popular medical drama sparked mixed reactions on social media.

And fans of The Good Doctor argued over how the show portrayed autism. Get all the details below.

ABC Cancels ‘The Good Doctor’

Not even a visit to ABC’s version of an emergency room can save The Good Doctor now. And fans turned to social media after learning that the network cancelled the medical drama. But some cheered for the ending because of how the show portrayed autism, noted the Daily Mail.

However, fans do get to enjoy one more season of The Good Doctor. And ABC revealed that the upcoming seventh season will mark its end. That season will premiere on February 20. 

The Good Doctor Cancellation Sparks Debate Over Autism Portrayal!

But both the platform formerly known as Twitter, now X, as well as Instagram, showed how The Good Doctor has divided viewers. And though some felt sad over the cancellation, others applauded because they view the show as unfair to those with autism.

Fans Praise Beloved Show’s Depiction Of Autism

The show-runner for the medical drama House, David Shore, created The Good Doctor. And he based it on a 2013 South Korean series of the same name. However, when The Good Doctor first premiered in 2017, the spotlight went to Freddie Highmore in the lead role of Dr. Shaun Murphy.

And the medical drama followed the autistic surgeon haunted by his troubling past as well as the challenges in the medical field. But many social media fans expressed heartbreak over the show ending. For instance, one wrote, “This can’t be happening.” And another shared, “This show was so good.”

However, some expressed gratitude for what The Good Doctor offered. For example, one fan shared, “Sad to see it go. But grateful for the great moments it provided.” And others reflected on Dr. Murphy’s fictional struggles with autism.

“Thank you for creating a show that portrays autism in such a positive light – with all the highs and lows. Will miss this show and all the characters I have come to know and love,” wrote a viewer. And another fan commented, “I’m autistic and I think it felt good to be represented in a way that others can see what we go through.”

One viewer revealed, “I had just received my diagnosis of autism when I started watching TGD. Shaun helped me to understand myself better, and I felt so deeply understood. I still remember things this series taught me, through hard days and sleepless night, you all will always have a special place in my heart.”

Seeking ‘Actual Autistic Representation’

However, some social media critics didn’t agree with the way that The Good Doctor portrayed autism. For instance, one wrote, “Unpopular take. I hate The Good Doctor. And I’m so glad its ridiculous portrayal of autism has been canceled.”

But some urged that networks seek a more accurate representation of autism. And one critic wrote about the cancellation, “Good. Now let’s get actual good autistic representation next.” Another revealed, “I’m on the spectrum. And I thank this decision. This show [ridiculed] people like me just for a so-called actor can be praised by people who have no idea what autism is.”

And many felt that The Good Doctor offered too many “stereotypical autism portrayals,” calling for studios to “create authentic ones.” However, The Good Doctor star Freddie described portraying Dr. Murphy as “an immense privilege and one of the most remarkable and rewarding experiences. I will always be grateful to [the executive producers] as well as the hugely talented – and lovely – cast, writers, and crew who made this show possible. Caring deeply is what got us here. Thank you to Sony and ABC, and to everyone who has watched along at home.”

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about the way that The Good Doctor portrayed autism? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more television news.

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