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TLC ’90 Day Fiance – Happily Ever After’ : Angela Deem Talks About How Michael Tricked Her!

TLC '90 Day Fiance - Happily Ever After' : Angela Deem Talks About How Michael Tricked Her!TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-Happily Ever After” star Angela Deem recently talked about how Michael Ilesanmi tricked her.

Angela Went To Nigeria To Visit Michael After Finding Out His K1 Visa Was Denied

Viewers will recall how Michael’s K-1 visa had been denied, and Angela went to visit him. He is unable to come to the United States to live and to marry Angela, and they had decided to have Angela marry him in Nigeria so they could get him a spousal visa, which ended up causing them many disagreements, especially when his family became involved.

The first thing was Angela didn’t want to cook and certainly didn’t want to cook a special Nigerian dish for his mother that used goat, becoming physically ill when she saw that grocery shopping in Nigeria didn’t involve frozen foods, tv dinners, canned foods, or anything else one sees in American grocery stores, other than produce, and even some of that would be unfamiliar to Americans in some parts of the country.

That was bad enough but the meat comes from animals freshly slaughtered and hung up to bleed out, which of course generated some sickening smells and sights for Angela, including a couple of decapitated goat heads staring right at her! She found some American pizza and to Michael’s shock, his mother and his Aunt Lydia actually liked it, unless they were pretending to out of politeness!

Prior To The Unplanned Pizza Party, Angela Was Roped Into Buying Gifts

However, Angela shares that prior to the unplanned pizza party, Michael tricked her into buying some gifts for some of his family. The first thing that happened is that Michael told Angela they needed to stop and buy his mother a microwave – he had mentioned it previously, but she didn’t want it to become a habit; she tells him that if he wants his mother to have gifts, he should pay for them, not her!

He tells her that there in Nigeria, the custom is for the daughter-in-law – or potential daughter-in-law – to meet her future mother-in-law bearing gifts, which he also says to TLC producers. So, on the way, they head over to a store to find a microwave. There is one available, but at a price that is rather steep for the size and quality of said microwave, equating to $95.00 in the United States. Angela says microwaves (bottom of the line microwaves, for sure) can be found for $50.00.

Michael asks the owner of the store if he would lower the price if they buy something else along with it, which gets Angela suspicious! Then Michael says they need something for his uncle’s wife (his aunt by marriage) also since they are hosting them – he tells Angela she has to get something for each of them! Angela felt like Michael had tricked her into getting another family gift, and called him on it.

He said he wasn’t tricking her, and then they picked out an electric tea kettle for her, and head off to the family meal after the shop owner did indeed make a deal for them. She paid for both, although the microwave was supposed to be for his mother from her, and the kettle to his aunt, from him. However, she does tell TLC producers also that she knew his mother had wanted a microwave for years and hoped it showed love to her by her buying one. She’s extremely happy with it, and the gift-buying scores Angela some brownie points with Michael’s mother.

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