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UK’s ‘The Accident’ Set to Make its Debut in the U.S.

The Accident

The UK’s thought-provoking drama, The Accident, has already made its debut in American on Hulu. Sarah Lancashire is expected to become the lead of this series, which is co-produced by Jack Thorne. British TV lovers can watch The Accident on Channel 4. But now it’s available on Hulu for U.S. fans of British dramas.

This limited series is the ending to Jack Thorne’s trilogy, which included National Treasure and National Treasure: Kiri, both of which aired on Channel 4. The Accident talks about the issue of corporate responsibility. It also addresses the current political environment with a nod to fake news as each individual is seen fighting for truth and justice, according to the British TV Place

This thrilling drama is set in the fictional Welsh town of Glyngolau. But this story does have its share of happy moments. In one scene, the locals gather in an area where Town Councillor Iwan Bevan (Mark Lewis Jones) gives an inspiring speech about the town’s future. He talks about the new construction project and the jobs he helped bring to the town.

The town has its fair share of characters, including Iwan’s wife, Polly (Sarah Lancashire), Angela (Joanna Scanlan), Debbie, (Genevieve Barr), and Greta (Eiry Thomas). Meanwhile, Polly and Iwan’s daughter, Leona (Jade Croot), and her young friends are seen breaking into the construction site. The teens are having too much fun to be aware of Debbie’s husband, Alan (Kai Owen), blowing up the construction site. The explosion causes an entire structure to fall on top one of the teens. Others are hurting, missing, or left for dead.

The small town is filled with grief-stricken families who mourn their loved ones in the horrific tragedy. Their desperate search for their children and answers points to who did it and how it happened. Some assume it has to do with Harriet Paulsen (Sidse Babett Knudsen), who is the SVP of Development Control at Kallbridge. People also point their fingers at Debbie, as the explosion and deaths were caused on her husband’s construction site.

This show has its share of drama going on behind closed doors. It seems like the individuals of Glyngolau have their own share of secrets that could come to light. The four-episode U.S. drama features Kimberley Nixon, Nabhaan Rizwan, and Ruth Madeley. The Accident has already premiered in the U.S. on Hulu on Friday, Nov. 22.

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