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The Gates Early Casting Hint, Is Obba Babatunde Joining The Show?

The Gates Early Casting Hint, Is Obba Babatunde Joining The Show?The Gates spoilers tease that the brand new soap coming to CBS won’t premiere until January of 2025 but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been hints about casting already.

Fans of Obba Babatunde, who played Julius Avant from 2015 through 2020 on The Bold and The Beautiful, still miss the character to this day. He seems like he might be a perfect fit for the new show, and his fans most certainly agree.

The Gates will be centered around a wealthy black family who live in a gated community, so Babatunde could easily be case of the patriarch of the central family.

The Gates Spoilers – Obba Babatunde Won An Emmy!

In a recent post on X, formerly knows as Twitter, Babatunde shared a picture from when he won the Emmy for his work on the Bold and the Beautiful.

He went on to say how he is just as proud today as he was eight years ago when he took home the award.

He said that he felt honored to be recognized for the role. The pic earned a reply from Michele Val Jean, who will be the head writer, showrunner and executive producer on the Gates. She replied that the night Babatunde won was a “great night”.

The Gates Spoilers – Will Obba Babatunde Join The Gates?

Jean used to be on the head writing team of The Bold and the Beautiful so that’s important to consider. Babatunde agreed and said that they now have the opportunity to create magic again.

This has led many to speculate that Babatunde is going to play a role on the new soap, although we are likely a long way off from any official confirmation. But its reasonable to consider the possibility.

The Gates Spoilers – The Gates Will Likely Bring The Drama Right From The Start!

The Gates will want to start off strong with the drama, so bringing on an Emmy winning actor from the start would go a long way making the new soap a success.

There are currently only four daytime drama airing, and only three of those are on network tv. In order to thrive in such a tough market, The Gates will need to bring in the best of the best in terms of talent.

Emmy winner like Babatunde seems like a great fit. More details will be reported as they become available.

The Gates Spoilers – What Do You Think?

Are you excited for The Gates? Did you enjoy Babatunde in the role Julius on The Bold and the Beautiful? Who else would you like to see on The Gates when it premieres this January?

Anything can happen within The Gates so get ready to watch The Gates airing weekdays on CBS beginning in January of 2025. And don’t forget to check back right here regularly for all the Gates news, information and casting details!

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