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The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Tucker Devastated As Ashley Leave Him On Their Wedding Day

The Young And The Restless spoilers suggest that Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) may have hit a nerve with Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson).

Did Abby’s conversation hit home with Ashley enough to prompt her to walk away from Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) at their wedding?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Ashley Abbott Has Been Very Judgmental

The Young and The Restless spoilers reveal that Ashley has been very judgmental of Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) over his relationship with Diane Jenkins-Abbott (Susan Walters).

The Young And The Restless: Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John)

Ashley believes that Jack is making a huge mistake by bringing Diane into the family. Ashley has seen everything that Diane has done to Jack and she doesn’t want him hurt again.

Jack and Diane overcame their issues and he fell in love with her again despite all of her faults. Now Jack has solidified their relationship by marrying Diane.

Diane will certainly relish this relationship unless she is up to something sinister. Is Ashley right that Diane isn’t being true to Jack and only wants to take down Jabot?

Y&R Spoilers – Is Ashley Abbott Afraid To Marry Tucker McCall?

Ashley is being very hypocritical when it comes to Diane because Tucker has done everything that Ashley holds against Diane. Ashley has been with Tucker before and he almost destroyed her.

Ashley started this romance with Tucker to show Jack what he was doing. However, Ashley’s plan backfired in two ways.

Ashley’s decision pushed Jack and Diane closer together. Ashley has also fallen into the same trap that he accused Jack of falling into. Now Ashley is sleeping with Tucker and has even agreed to marry him again.

Is Tucker on the up and up? Didn’t Tucker come to town working with Diane who was giving him information on Jabot? Does Tucker want Ashley or Jabot?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Will Ashley Abbott Finally Face Reality?

Ashley’s rants are absolutely pointless now that Jack and Diane are married. Is it time that Ashley sees that she is truly terrified at the prospect of getting married to Tucker?

Ashley truly doesn’t know if she can trust Tucker at all and believes that Jack should feel the same way about Diane. Ashley and Jack have been through a lot of the same things and she needs to look within herself.

Ashley may not truly pick up the truth until she is ready to walk down the aisle. However, as the time for their marriage gets closer, Ashley’s feet may grow cold enough to walk away instead of marrying Tucker.

Will Tucker find himself left at the altar and trying to figure out what went wrong? Will Ashley finally realize it was Tucker that has been the issue all along?

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  1. Muriel says

    I think Tucker is sleazy. I don’t like him at all and I don’t know what Ashley sees in him…. He is not a good guy. I hope she realizes this and doesn’t marry him. Ashley used to be a decent person but since she has been with Tucker she doesn’t act like a normal person. Her issue with Diane makes no sense to me. She might hate her. But her hatred is pathological.I hope she comes to her senses soon because I am tired of hearing her rant on and on.

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