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The Young & Restless Michelle Stafford’s Y&R Status, What We Know!

Young & Restless: Find Out Michelle Stafford's StatusThe Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans are begging for a status on Michell Stafford’s role. She just came down from a high on her third Emmy win. Her role as Phyllis Summers captivated the Daytime Emmys. However, her character hasn’t been on the soap for weeks.

There’s been a shakeup with the casting in recent days. Some of your beloved characters might not return. Keep on reading to learn more.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Fan Favorite Not Returning

Earlier this month, Soap Opera Digest shared the news about which characters will not return. The Young and the Restless star Christopher Cousins (Martin Laurent) wouldn’t be on the show after his evil twin saved his good twin. Cousins played both roles after he made his debut on April 30.

Meanwhile, other characters are making a comeback. Also, Lily Brooks O’Briant (Lucy Romalotti) is returning to the daytime soap. She took to Instagram to share a photo of herself getting her glam done on set.

“So so so excited for y’all to see what Lucy has been up to recently in Genoa City,” she teased in the caption.

Harrison Abbott (Redding Munsell) appeared in scenes at Chancellor Park alongside Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor), Claire Grace (Hayley Erin), and Cole (J. Eddie Peck).

Y&R Spoilers –  Cast Shakeup

Fans can’t stop talking about the recent news of the cast shakeup. It was previously reported that Conner Floyd’s (Chance Chancellor) has been reduced to a recurring role.

Meanwhile, Brytni Sarpy (Elena Dawson) was quietly dropped from the show. She’s no longer listed in the closing credits.

There are also questions about Michelle Stafford’s status. One fan brought it up on the message boards on They wanted to know if she was still part of the cast.

Y&R viewers took to the thread to remark that Phyllis is still part of the cast, even if she hasn’t been on the show in recent weeks.

Her character could finally be given a second chance at love. It’s unclear whether a new man will enter her life. There’s been speculation that she could end up with Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John). This coupling would make sense since both of them are misunderstood.

Y&R viewers recall their fake date on New Year’s Eve. Phyllis used Tucker to make her ex-boyfriend Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) jealous.

What are your thoughts on Michelle Stafford’s status? What do you think of the cast shakeup? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Giancarlo says

    Chance was pin-balled around way too much. Who could forget the months there was no portrayal of Chance at all, yet Abby made her video diaries to document Dominic’s growth….then all of a sudden he is found and has trouble adjusting to normal life. He froze when on missions with Rey, was made Chief of Police all of a sudden, and then Nina coaxed him into the corporate world. Now he’s just casual phallus for a bratty Summer who acts as though Harrison is her biological child.

    Brytni Sarpy was listed in the credits as of a week ago and she has not been seen for months. I figured she somehow scored a legacy credit like the one for Esther Valentine.

  2. Leo says

    Wait a second…after his evil twin saved his good twin? in Soap Opera Digest….okay that is correct…Alan landed on Martin when they tumbled over the balcony and Traci said Martin is dead. I thought that the writers would throw Traci a bone and have Alan as her love interest.

    1. Norma says

      That’s what I thought also. Did we both get that wrong?

  3. Edna says

    I would much rather have Phyllis and Nick back together rather than Sharon and Nick

    1. Melinda says

      I totally agree. Like seeing them together seem to have a spark in their banter. Sharon and Nick, too boring but won’t be surprised if she has a medical situation that will bring Nick back.

  4. Lin says

    Rumoured that Michelle Stafford is joining Yellowstone!

  5. Karen says

    Why not give Tracy a love interest!!!

  6. John says

    I’ve been a loyal fan of the soap for a long time and I love the present cast members they all work together so well and I don’ for all the cast changes and no one can play Phyllis like Michelle shes great in the role and that tyt last actress that played her was a big bomb and I feel like you will.lose some viewers if you keep replacing some of the main actors

  7. Winnifred says

    Let Phyllis remain on the soap pls she is a good actress.

  8. Winnifred says

    Pls leave Phyllis on the soap she is a good actress .

  9. Steve says

    Leave Phyllis. Sorry but Nick snd Sharon were destined…sorry, nit sorry my opinion and basically said as much on Josh’s anniversary episode last Friday. I’m like the 4th fan on here that thought Alan and Tracy were going to ve lovers. What Tracy doesn’t deserve a love life? Why does she only have to be on to support her family. She’s a writer we were toyed last when she was dreaming of Caine. I thought that would have been great. What other love interest has she had. Cmon writers.

    1. Gigi Baker says

      I loved Tracy and Cane writing the book together. I was really routing for them and still would!!!!!!!

  10. Roxanna says

    I am 55 years old, I have watched every episode since the very first one I love all the original cast members, I’ve seen a lot of comings and goings over the years. 1. I do believe Tracy and Allan should be together, Tracy deserves happiness again after her divorce from Steve and her daughter Colleen dying. Although I loved when Nick & Sharon were together, they are best at being special friends as they are now, Phyllis & Nick would be another total disaster, I think Nick & Sally were a good fit, They worked well together as a couple in my opinion. Adam needs to be back with Chelsea and for the love of all that is holy, please make conner stop being a whiny spoiled brat, yes he has OCD, but can we have him be more mature and not looking so much like a spoiled brat, I think his character would be better that way. Let’s get Katy involved with her big sister Claire, and she stop being a spoiled brat! Diane, needs to be gone from the show completely again, she’s always been a trouble maker now look at what she’s doing to her own son, she has always wanted to be the big dog at Jabot I could go on & on but I’ll stop here.

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