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Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nate’s Latest High-Profile Patient In Peril – Nikki In Danger, Like Hilary

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nate's Latest High-Profile Patient In Peril – Nikki In Danger, Like HilaryNate (Brooks Darnell) couldn’t save Hilary (Mishael Morgan) from eventual death on ‘Young and the Restless’. But Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is involved in a different type of storyline.

Scott has not indicated that she’s leaving the cast. So, despite Nikki’s cling to life after being accidentally hit by Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) in the days leading up to Christmas, she’ll survive.

Y&R has now twice used Darnell’s character in high leverage scene situations. He’s the reigning doctor on this steamer, which therefore allows him to be called in when various Genoa City personalities lives are in peril, or otherwise. And wouldn’t it be fitting if Nate, Junior’s mother, Doctor Olivia Hastings (Tonya Lee Williams) would be written back in by the way?

Soap opera history often lends itself to revisiting character’s backstories. That’s why hardcore fans appreciated the recent recast of Nate. Brooks’ alter ego follows in his mother’s footsteps as a protagonist who viewers are able to effortlessly support.

Brooks’ introduction allowed the return of a former child character who was briefly recast in an adult roll in 2011, as then played by Walter Fauntleroy. Today’s Nate was initially created, in part, to enable the seeming swap-out of Neil (Kristoff St. John).

Y&R has undergone major cast revisions within the last year. Whether tenured cast member, St. John, is now working on recurring status isn’t fully known. Neil is said to have moved to be close to Lily (Christel Khalil), who is serving a jail sentence that is set to end next September. So it keeps with this soap’s history to maintain a tie to Y&R’s glory days, when Neil, Dru (Victoria Rowell), her sister Olivia, and Nathan, Senior (as originally played by Nathan Purdee) were all key GC residents.

Fans recall that Victor (Eric Braeden) hired Nate as the Newman’s concierge doctor earlier this year, via Neil’s assistance. That plot vehicle enabled the recast.

Now, Nate’s current efforts help Nikki to survive and recover. Then, as 2019 flows, this doctor’s personal story is set to expand.

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  1. Guest says

    I believe that this will bring not only Victor but hopefully Adam back and maybe even Chelsea with his other son and that will take Nicks adopted son from him as well!!

  2. says

    Yes, and I think Adam won’t be far behind him.

  3. Guest says


  4. QueenofSoaps says

    If Mal Young was allowed to allow Nikki/Melanie to die…that will be my last day to ever watch the Y&R. I cannot believe CBS was so foolish to allow such a thing but they have been extremely stupid since Young began writing and was dismissed! There are many of us that have viewed this “soap” since the day it began. We were so comfortable with the actors..then dismayed when Young was allowed to dismiss Paul, Michael, HIllary (I do realize she resigned to have her baby girl), etc. He was allowed to write absolute “crap”! We have endured Devon becoming an idiot, Lily going to prison, Jill (going away) for long periods of time, listening to Reed and Fen sing (doesn’t interest most middle aged women..except for out one “bully” on this blog). Far too much nonsense that has driven many fans away! Grow up CBS we old viewers won’t be around for ever…then you can have all the CRAP you want once we’re no longer here!

    1. Guest says

      Heard Mal Young was fired

  5. Guest says

    Yes Victor will come back and rescue Nikki

  6. Guest says

    ”I’LL BE BACK ” !!! The ” Black Knight” will swoop in and save his damsel in distress !!

  7. Atley Jackson says

    Nate seems to be one of those ” angel of death” types, didn’t he say the exact same words to Nick and Vicki as he did to Devon about Hillary after he operated on both women? I wouldn’t have much faith in his surgery skills, nor do I like his bedside manner some actors can come across as actual doctors their acting is that good but Nate come’s across as a meditating surgeon, he is expressionless all he has is words for the loved ones as he makes it sound like death is imminent and there is no hope. Now we must await for Victor’s arrival, and how is he going to explain why he has had no contact with any family members, not even Summer who flew all the way over there to work under him yet she hasn’t even heard anything, nor has Noah. So it better be a really good reason, but I don’t know what will make up for this, he had no access to a phone, has he been hospitalised as well, maybe he’s been kidnapped and is tied up somewhere.

    1. BlueBox says

      I was surprised to see your post as I had just wrote that maybe Nate could be a serial killer. Hmmm

    2. Atley Jackson says

      Great minds think alike. I haven’t liked Nate from the beginning, he comes across way too strong and doesn’t know when to walk/or just go away. Since coming to town he has been all up in Victor/Nikki’s health and then he moved onto Vikki’s then we had the Hillary accident so he won’t leave Devon alone, I would drive him into tomorrow if I was Devon, always being in his apt never leaving him alone, yep you are onto something, He’s no good as a doctor or even a normal friend so I like your idea for sure, turn him into a serial killer and then they can eventually kill him off or lock him up. lol

  8. BlueBox says

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if Mate turns out to have “cracked” when his love died. Now he’s secretly killing off patients. He really killed Hillary which is why he gives Dervon the creeps and now he going to try and kill Nikki but Neil hearing about his fellow AA friend goes to see her in the hospital before he has a chance to tell his family and catches Mate in a suspicious position in Nikki room.

  9. prayerlady says

    YES! of course Victor will come to save his one and only Love

  10. Texan1 says

    Yes, Victor will return and get additional help for Nikki. I am glad that Mal Young is leaving. We need to wrap up the J.T. saga and split up Nick and Phyllis. Phyllis doesn’t care who she sleeps with or who she damages. She and Nick have a sexual hookup and that’s all.

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