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Young and the Restless Spoilers Thursday January 9: Sharon’s Mammogram, Tessa’s Big Decision, and Phyllis Learns Nick and Chelsea Split

Young and the Restless Spoilers Thursday January 9: Sharon's Mammogram, Tessa's Big Decision, and Phyllis Learns Nick and Chelsea SplitThe Young and the Restless spoilers for Thursday January 9th indicate that Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) will go in for a mammogram, Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks) makes a decision about the tour, and Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) learns about Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Chelsea Lawson’s (Melissa Claire Egan) break up.

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Phyllis learns of Nick’s break up

Nick is meeting with Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) at Society, where they’re discussing plans for New Hope. The conversation then turns to their personal lives. Nick mentions that he and Chelsea broke up. Phyllis is walking by at that exact moment and in a shocked tone asks if Chelsea dumped him. Devon leaves, and Phyllis sits down to chat with Nick. He explains the break up with Chelsea and how’s she back with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman).

Phyllis is proud that Nick stood up for himself and won’t let Chelsea jerk him around anymore. Nick knew it was a matter of time before old feelings resurfaced for the couple. He and Phyllis agree that this time things won’t go well for Chelsea and Adam. Nick and Phyllis then chat about their time working at Restless Style, then about their children. Nick mentions that tomorrow is Cassie Newman’s (Camryn Grimes) birthday, and Phyllis listens as he talks about her.

Their conversation continues with Phyllis bringing up how she still wants to be part of The Grand Phoenix, and that her and Summer Newman (Hunter King) are getting along. Nick talks about what a beautiful, smart, and fun woman Phyllis is. She says she’s looking to have more fun, and Nick jokes that a fun Phyllis could be dangerous. Phyllis and Nick then grin at his joke.

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Adam and Chelsea make love

At Adam’s penthouse, Chelsea moves the last of her things in and Adam hopes she has no worries about moving back in. Their conversation is interrupted when Adam receives a call from the principal at Walnut Grove. He sets up an appointment with the principal to discuss Connor Newman’s (Judah Mackey) situation. After he hangs up, Chelsea praises him for his protectiveness, it’s one of the things she loves about him.

The two talk about how much they missed each other, then Chelsea says she never wants to put her and Connor through that type of pain again. Adam promise from here on out, they’re building a better life for themselves. They head upstairs, where they start undressing, then make love.

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Sharon’s mammogram

At Crimson Lights, Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) notices Sharon’s talking to herself and asks if she’s okay. She responds that she’s naming off a list of tasks she has to complete. Rey continues to worry about Sharon as she kisses him and talks about freezing moments in time. Rey leaves just as Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) arrives. Mariah starts talking about Tanner Watts’ (Chase Coleman) visit to the apartment, then GC Buzz.

Devon enters, and he and Mariah go out to the patio, while Sharon sneaks off to her doctor’s appointment. Outside Devon explains how Tanner’s team has contacted Devon about Tessa. Mariah reveals that Tessa hasn’t made a decision yet, and she’s giving her space and time to decide. Mariah then brings up Tessa’s marriage to Tanner, and Devon reassures Mariah that Tessa loves her.

Later Rey arrives back at the coffeehouse and asks Mariah if Sharon seemed fine. Mariah responds by saying that Rey is a good guy.

At the doctor’s office, a nervous Sharon waits for the doctor. When the doctor does come in Sharon learns the mammogram was inconclusive, they don’t know if the lump is fluid or solid. Sharon undergoes an ultrasound, then the doctor steps out. Sharons checks her phone to find a text from Rey, who says he hopes she’s having a good day. The doctor comes back in and tells Sharon that tests prove the lump is solid. The doctor says she needs to have a biopsy and to speak with an oncologist.

Later Sharon is standing by a payphone, while holding the papers for her biopsy.

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Tessa’s decision

At home, Tessa is on the phone with Tanner and seems to be turning down his offer. She says it’s not because of Mariah, then asks him not to come over.

Later Tessa has set up a romantic, candlelight dinner for Mariah. When Mariah arrives home she asks what’s the special occasion, and Tessa brings up Mariah’s birthday, which is tomorrow. When Mariah asks about the tour, Tessa reveals she accepted the offer. She says it’s a good opportunity and she never would have take it if she thought it’d drive them apart.

Tessa says she was never in love with Tanner, but what her and Mariah have is real love. Mariah says she supports Tessa’s decision and this will be huge for her career. The two make love, then afterwards Tessa presents Mariah with a gift. It’s a journal filled with writings. Tessa brings up stealing Mariah’s journal, and now she wants Mariah to read her thoughts.

  1. Guest says

    Finally! The break-up between Chelsea and Nick was inevitable! I never believed Nick loved her. It seemed he just wanted her so his brother couldn’t have her.

    I have always liked Chelsea and Adam’s love story from the beginning. It took me a while to warm up to this new version of Chadam but Melissa and Mark have reminded that Chelsea and Adam are soulmates! And I hope Y&R continue their lovestory!

  2. Guest says

    I really don’t want to see Nick get back with Phyllis, she hasn’t changed, worse she is proud of being a horrible, nosey, nasty, vengeful bitch. He always fell out with her because of her behaviour and the conversations he’s had with her recently have proved to him if anything she’s worse, so he’d have to be a complete idiot to go down that tired, slithering and boring road.

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