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Young and the Restless (YR) Spoilers: Billy’s Gamble Wins – Jack Helps Reclaim Abbott Throne

Young and the Restless (YR) Spoilers Billy Abbott [Jason Thompson - Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman]Billy (Jason Thompson) didn’t want to step down on ‘The Young and the Restless’. But the return of his gambling urge led to embezzlement of Jabot funds and then Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) stunningly took over as the Chief Executive Officer of the Abbott family’s cosmetics company. But now Billy’s latest gamble is being placed with seemingly good odds of succeeding.

Being a soap, this development won’t happen instantaneously. And Phyllis won’t go quietly into a Genoa City night. It’s not who Michelle Stafford’s iconic version of this character was and now, it’s also who Tognoni’s edition isn’t.

The evolving, nuanced Phyllis is battling demons on two fronts, one personal and the other, Abbott business. Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) boot out of his home and heart left Phyllis without a man, something she rarely sustains for any extended period. Billy, one of her varied former flames, is leading the push to force her from Jabot for reasons that are rooted in the way ‘Philly’ flamed and the legit desire to restore the Abbott’s to a position of power.

Billy would like to sit in the Abbott’s high chair once more. But if it came to it, he would much rather have his brother lead Jabot instead of Phyllis. As for Jack (Peter Bergman), he’s hesitant to use Kerry (Alice Hunter) as a pawn in this building game.

Jack finally seems to have attracted a normal human being as his romantic partner. Kerry is smart, which he values, attractive, which makes him smile, and has been loyal, which puts her in the anti-Phyllis category. All are major positives.

As Billy predicted, Kerry’s feelings for Jack could overcome her loyalties to Phyllis as this planned take-down forms. All described above don’t guarantee that the currently isolated Miss Summers will certainly be ousted. Yet, the Abbott brother’s and viewers who believe Phyllis deserves whatever is coming to her remain hopeful.

Jabot doesn’t feel right with Phyllis leading it. No, that famous company needs an Abbott at the helm, be it Jack, Billy, or another family member.

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